Monday, 30 September 2013

It's Showtime!

I remember going to the Melbourne Show as a child, and the tickly, bubbly feeling of excitement that would overtake me as I would first spot the rides on the drive in.
And then the moment my brothers and I were freed from the constraints of the car we would burst out and do the happy kid dance of jumping and leaping and yelling in joy. Because all the magical wonders of the Show lay before us, within sight,  and how could you possibly contain yourself and not prance about with all of that fun right there! Right there!
I got to see my kids go through that whole experience on Saturday when my Mum and I took them to the Melbourne Show.
So we braved the ferocious winds, intermittent rain and hordes of people and oh, did we have fun!
I am never able to say which is the best part of the Show;
the stomach churning, vomit inducing rides (the Little Misses rides were more my style!),
(I couldn't resist taking this one!)
lots of very cute animals (there was a baby goat that was in danger of being smuggled out if I could have managed it!),
the amazing foods to pick from (no we didn't get to try the divine looking waffles on a stick but we did sample everything else including the crazy ice cream dots-yum!),
or the plethora of fun things to see and do.
As you can see from the gazillion pics we all had a brilliant time, and went home blissfully happy and bursting with sugar and great memories. I also left with very sore feet and hips (an old twerking injury) and a much emptier bank balance!
Good times!


  1. That looks like fun! The food and the animals would do it for me, forget the rides!
    Ugh, twerking injuries - don'tcha just hate them? xxxx

    1. Yeah, the rides aren't my thing either but I love everything else about the show (except the prices -cheapskate I know!). Twerking injuries are the worst - although you should see my "Dirty Dancing back"!

  2. The haunted house! gah! love them, although I have terrified my children because I scream in there, I thought it was good manners! The Melbourne Show looks like a really amazing event, and yes, Little Miss seems to be on the best rides, everyone probably slept well after a whole load of fun (That seems to be a mantra of mine to any event mine go to 'oooh they'll sleep tonight'!)), and I now think we need an advisory warning to all would-be twerking! x x

    1. The Melbourne Show is pretty cool and I have to say I was repeating to myself the whole day "They will sleep well tonight!". Little Miss made it to the car and then she flaked. The Little Fella was still too high on sugar but crashed later. XXX