Saturday, 28 December 2013

Lazy days after crazy days

Christmas is over for another year!
Now Christmas (or Christmases as the case may be) was lovely with me being lucky enough to have my nearest and dearest to celebrate with and ridiculous amounts of delicious food (and even scored some fabulous gifts!), but you know what? Lawd I am glad that the trauma of it all is over!
Does that sound terrible? How can something so fun be so taxing at the same time?

So festive yet so tiring!
Now with all of the frivolities over and me embarking on a month long holiday from my psycho-bitch-from-hell  trying boss, I can start to kick back a notch and relax.
And I am giving my all to not doing much at all!
I am making it my business to laze and relax as much as possible. Oh yeah!
Since Xmas, my little clan has hung out enjoying some sun (finally!), morning walks with the little black dog, pottering about undertaking housey and crafty projects, sleeping in and staying up late, devouring books, trying not to devour chocolates and shortbread, and LOTS of doing not much.
I have been trying to capture stunning skies....

.... and moments of exhilaration and abandon.

With some warmer weather comes summer frockage and breaking out all of my sunny-good-time dresses.
Bare legs and bare arms - hurrah! (even if I am frighteningly white and doughy.)
And look at what amazing pressies Santa brought me.
 New pink rimmed sunglasses (Santa must know about my obsession with pink!) as seen here worn with a whole lotta op shopped pink goodness and very pasty limbs.
And check out this divine retro bed sheet turned into a 50's dress that was another gift.
Isn't it super groovy with colours and print that make my heart skip a beat with sentimentality because I am pretty sure I have slept on sheets of exactly that print.
And now after all the craziness of Christmas, I have to plan what mischief to get up to for New Years. Hmmmmmm.
Hope everyone survived the festive period with sanity intact and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas capers

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!
Just a couple of sleeps now and the excitement here is at an all time high. The kids are manic, the shopping centres are filled with yule crazed loonies and I am feeling pretty frazzled (or is that sozzled?).
Just a bit of baking and wrapping and I am done with all of my festive preparations. Huzzah! Hoo-bloody-ray!
(You can better believe that I am feeling deservedly smug right about now!)
In my household we don't just get to enjoy one Chrissy, oh no, that would be too easy.
We have multiple Christmas' with all of the festivities of the day being celebrated over a few days so that we can fit all the different facets of the family in. So not just one day of gorging on goodies, but lots! Delicious but oh so detrimental to the waist-line.
 It is very important to plan ahead and wear a loose waisted dress and just keep letting out the belt as the meal progresses. Twas a bad year when I learnt this lesson the hard way and couldn't fit in a second serve of plum pud for fear of bursting vintage seams.
Last Saturday saw me donning my gorgeous op shopped frock that thankfully has lots of room to hide the enormous lunch we all somehow ploughed through. And I brought my newly acquired vintage tapestry bag that could be my new fave. Yep, I called it. New fave.
We spent our Saturday at my mother-in laws feasting on a smorgasbord of her naughty but nice desserts.
 Unfortunately some of that trifle had to come home with us. And it had to get eaten for breakfast the next day so it wouldn't spoil. Because that can happen. And I wouldn't want my family to suffer. So I had to eat it. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.
And the weekend before we made our annual pilgrimage to Gumbuya Park (as posted about here) for another Christmas party.
 Some of us got to live out our race car driver fantasies. (Probably not in the most appropriate racing attire but oh well.)
 And we all had a great time with Little Miss going on her first pony ride and the little fella hooning and lead-footing around the track.
 Oh, and did I mention all the presents that multiple Christmas' amass? Holy moly, those kids were spoilt! So many lovely gifts, so much wrapping paper!
Whilst this year we were all very aware of absent loved ones, we all felt their spirits were celebrating with us with their memories were toasted.
I wish everyone a fabulous Christmas, partaking of all the good things that make you the happiest, and I thank everyone for their wonderful bloggy friendship and supportive and caring comments that have helped me through many a black moment.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Good-byes and gatherings

I have just returned from the always stunning Coffs Harbour. Just. As in I still have bags and clothes strewn across the house. Where they will stay until I can somehow gather the energy and will to tackle the job.
Unfortunately I was visiting for the worst possible reason, and whilst there farewelled an amazing soul that was taken by the vile, despicable, repugnant, disgusting disease, cancer.
My wonderful cousin had been in a smack down with the disease for over a decade and had been victorious so many times, so when the news was given that the disease was now untreatable, we all still kind of believed that he would, once again, body slam that fucker. But cancer got the final blow this time.
So we all said goodbye in the only way my cousin would have approved - with a huge, bang up party where everyone gorged themselves, shared stories, laughed like loons, wept and got really pissed.
And instead of wallowing in my grief I am trying to take inspiration from my cousins life and spirit, for he was a person to always say yes to life, to take chances and to always embrace life's pleasures.
And to treasure the important people who make life worth living.
So we all shared the pain, and tried to help those who suffered the most, and gave our love and respect to a truly heroic person.
It felt wrong to do fun things and enjoy ourselves whilst away but with my kids with me I didn't want the trip to be all doom and gloom so we tried to break up all the family gatherings with some beach exploration,
appreciation of the beautiful area,
and the local wild life that enjoyed breakfast on our little balcony.
So beautiful.
We all enjoyed the beach that my cousin so adored.
I hope that my cousin is catching some waves and having a beer wherever he is!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Night prowling

Down my neck of the woods summer appears to be a figment of our collective imaginations.
We have had a couple of warmish days where we basked and frolicked, played outside, tackled some gardening in the ramshackle and neglected front yard and even filled our blow up pool in readiness for the heatwave that we were sure was just around the corner. I even dug out my breezy cotton frocks and bared my deathly pale legs.
But then nothing happened. No more hot days. No more sunshine. Just a whole lotta this....
Grey, dismal, depressing skies.
I am still wearing cardigans and tights and those summer dresses are still languishing in the wardrobe.
And I was so excited because as well as amazing summer fruits, beachy adventures and leisurely family holidays, summer  means I get to take long balmy night time walks.
I LOVE to walk at night. Just me, my little black dog and my thoughts.
I like to wonder about the people cocooned inside the houses I walk past, imagining all the different  moments that are being played out, seeing if the facades of the houses unlock any clues to who lives inside.
I promise I am not a weirdo peeping tom (but then that is exactly what a weirdo peeping tom would say!), I just like to prowl at night.
Sometimes if I am feeling particularly frisky I give a little run a try. Let me tell you, running is not my natural style. I am no gazelle, and am definitely not built for speed. I am more sloth or turtle. I am a saunterer, a meanderer, a plodder.
But sometimes, when the running bug hits, I can't seem to stop myself from breaking into an ungainly shambling stride. I love the feeling of the wind whipping and burning my cheeks as I pound along the footpath, and on those warm summer nights, the feel of the night air on clammy skin as I huff and puff.
Oh, but how I loathe the surprise attacks of the cobwebs and trying to prise those revolting silken threads from that clammy skin
I love to watch the car head lights create playful dancing shadows and the little black dog become some strange elongated shadow creature. All of the normal neighbourhood sights become surreal and sometimes menacing but exciting in the night.
So come on Summer! I need me a good night prowl!
At least the Little Miss and I did get to try the summer dresses on and play in the back yard, however briefly, but now I have a taste for that delicious heat, I need more.
Bring on water gun fights, dinners outside, cicada's singing and hearing the kids shriek in delight as they enjoy dashing under the waters spray.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

One hat, two hats, three hats.....

Just to take a break from hand bags, I have been unearthing some lovely hats lately.
For an age I have been yearning and pining for a vintage straw so when I found this beauty at Bottom Drawer Antiques I snapped it up. The lovely lady working there and I, tried on every hat in the cabinet (wouldn't you love to work in a vintage shop so you could do that!), and whilst there were some real beauties I fell for this one.
 It has the most adorable black velvet leaf detail and the net is all intact. Score!
 And then, there I was, wandering one of my local oppies, when I overheard (yes I am  terrible eavesdropper!) the worker mentioning that they had had a collection of hats donated. My ears pricked up and I practically bolted to where she was, to admire a whole cabinet of amazing vintage hats from the 50's and 60's.
 So many hats! But unfortunately the op shop had done their research and had priced them accordingly. I wanted them all, but I had to whittle down my purchases to this breathtaking white and pearl beaded half hat that makes me want to go to the opera and show it off....
...and this stunning black velvet birdcage number that I unfortunately can't seem to photograph on my head as it blends into my hair. Oh well, despite not photographing well it is beautiful and I love it so.
There are another two hats that I have in my beady sights but because the festive season is upon us and others may want gifts this year (selfish aren't they!) I have to just hold off and hope that the hats stay hidden in the cabinet so I can pounce on them later.
 I lied about the bags! Of course I am still buying bags! It would be abnormal not to buy bags!
 I did find this great red case.....
 .....that now keeps my beauties warm and safe....
...and this vibrant, ethnic inspired bag that lifts any outfit.
So, a pretty good haul, huh?
What have you been finding lately?

Monday, 2 December 2013


Howdy all!
 Has everyone popped over to  Joanna's lovely blog, Dividing Vintage Moments
Joanna, like so many others in blog land, is a constant source of vintage inspiration, with her divine collection of princess coats, Lilli Anne suits and breathtaking jewellery. I really could spend hours raving and gushing like a star struck teen about my many girl crushes on blog legends, who daily, inspire me stylistically and creatively with their lives full of vintage love.
So when Joanna challenged her readers to ponder their inspirations, I couldn't help but reminisce about my vintage and blogging journey and what it is about retro and vintage that rocks my world and inspires me so.
So, in no specific order, my inspirations are;
1. Vintage blogs
Duh! Where would I be without my daily fix of vintage goodness. I am enthralled and entranced by the many vintage loving beauties out there in blog land. If only I could raid all those wardrobes!
 2. Flowers
In my hair, on my frocks, on my jewellery, I am such a sucker for floral.
3.Vintage gloves
Nothing makes me feel more like a lady than donning a pair of vintage gloves. And luckily for me I have freakishly small hands and so any vintage gloves I find always fit!
4. Vintage half hats
 I love making them, and love wearing them even more. There is a certain allure to a little hat covered in flowers and ribbons tilted on a jaunty angle. I LOVE them, and my little collection is ever growing with a few more I picked up recently to feature in their own post soon.
5. 50's silhouette
My body is made for the nipped in  waist and fuller skirts of this style. If ever there was a cut of frock that truly makes me feel gorgeous, this is it!
6. Peter Pan Collar
So girlish and so sweet, I just swoon when I spot a peter pan collar. And I am so obsessed with them that I have been known to sew a collar on a dress just to make it even better.
7. Pussy Bows
 Like the peter pan collar, I just can't resist the flirtyness of the pussy bow. It is so full of contradictions. Is it sexy or straight laced? Whatever it is I adore them!
8. Capes and capelets
 Sometimes a jacket just doesn't cut it and only an adorable little cape worn demurely over the shoulders will do. And a capelet or stole feels more appropriate with a vintage frock.
9 .Hand bags

I have a HUGE collection of bags, with some of my most treasured items being my vintage and antique bags. From gorgeous little red patent leather numbers to stunning embroidered and beaded lovelies I simply can't have enough bags!
10. Umm, this is going to sound weird but......
honestly I just am so inspired by gorgeous little old nana's with their grace and dignity and unfailing ability to match their hat to their suit and their gloves to their coat. I am such a nana on the inside and I work with the blue rinse set so really it is no wonder I admire them so and find myself emulating their style.
I could probably go on and on as I have so many inspirations and vintage obsessions and find new ones all the time.
Why don't you head over to Joanna's and see her inspirations and enter her giveaway.
What are your inspirations?