Monday, 2 September 2013

Sunshine on my window makes me happy like I should be.

Glorious, glorious sunshine, and flowers blooming.
It is enough to make a person feel bloody happy!
Today there were blue skies and warmth and a delicious Spring zip in the air.
There were bees buzzing in my little  blooming trees.
(Sometimes buzzing a little too close for my liking! Away with you little Barry bee's!)
Its enough to make a girl leap and twirl in the sunshine.
Another instant dose of happy was to be had in the form of a sign hanging in one of my local op shops this morning stating, " All hand bags $ 3".
Bloody brilliant!
And so I had to buy some of those lovely $3 bags.
(Have I mentioned before that I have a little "problem" with hand bags?)
Oh, how I adore those funky retro handles!
The above bag is just beautifully handmade of the plushest teal velvet with some very handy compartments inside, and I think may be my new work hand bag. (Am I the only person to seem to need more crap when I am at work? )
So much room to fill with.....junk!
I also recently picked up these divine shoes for the Little Miss and have a severe case of shoe envy.
Aren't they adorable? Every gal needs silver shoes!
And the best thing about them is that the Little Miss calls them her "tap shoes" and so does not merely walk when wearing them. Oh no. She has to dance when she wears them!
So how could today not be fantastic?
Perfect Spring sunshine, a bounty of bags, and a wee lady that prances and flutters around in her sweet silver shoes.
Outfit details - all  op shopped and ebayed except my Dangerfield black skirt.
What is making your day?
Thanks to Spiderbait for my post title!


  1. Little Miss has the right idea, dancing in silver shoes is always good! I have shoe envy too! lovely sunshine twirling too in your gorgeous outfit btw, I have shoe envy on your shoes too, oooooh-worthy shoes! I wouldn't say you have a problem with bags, you are an enthusiastic collector of beauty x

    1. Little Miss often has the right ideas. Ice cream for dinner, bikini wearing with gumboots, and so many other bright ideas. I like the way you think aswell lady! A enthusiastic collector indeed! XXX

  2. Great deals on the bags! I love how you used splashed of red in your black and white outfit:)

    1. The bags were definitely too cheap to leave. I had to have them (as any addict would say!). I do love black, white and red together and think it is such a classic colour combo. :)

  3. Sunshine and new-to-you bags, perfect! Love a black'n'red combo, and yay to silver dancing shoes for Little Misses (and bigger ones too!) xxxx

    1. Perfection, right! I love black and red too - you just can't go wrong with it.XXX

  4. what do i love more your two tone shoes or your little gals silver oxfords?! i can't tell!

    the bags are great. beautiful finds.