Thursday, 12 September 2013

Green attracts green

Do you ever find that when out trawling for clothes and other pretties that the outfit you are wearing determines what you find.
Is that a crazy idea?
I just find that if I am wearing lots of green I find some lovely in green.
If I am slathered in red, then I find a pretty in red.
And so on and so forth.
(I'm sure there is a study in all of this.)
So there I was, all decked out in Kermit frog green when I spotted this fabulous 70's doing 40's green suit.
I told you it was fabulous!
It is a vintage brand from Tokyo called "Sunny Ruby" and yeah, okay, it is a wee bit snug around the girls and I realised that there is some ventilation at the rear.
Nothing that a new zipper can't fix. (I'm talking about the skirt, not my butt. I'm not sure that anything can fix that butt!)
But how awesome is this collar!
Bloody awesome!
And the colour is simply stunning.
It really is a joyous shade of green and so vibrant.
I also nabbed an equally vibrant and gorgeous cobalt blue Leona Edmiston from the same op shop which I think will be great when it starts to warm up a bit more. (Are you listening Spring?)
I apologise to you blue for disliking you for so long. My grudge with you is over and I can honestly say that this shade of blue is one of my fave colours ever.
The dress is a super slinky stretch and feels so lovely on.
Now can I tell you the best bit about my haul?
Not only did I score some gorgeous outfits, but I when I looked at my receipt when I got home, I am pretty sure that I wasn't charged for the green suit!
Don't worry I will try and take the gazillion bags of my wardrobe clear out and donate them to even the score. I wouldn't want to upset the op shop gods!


  1. the green 2piece ensemble is cute ... a ventilation can be quite needful wearing these plastic fabrics from the 70s. ;)

  2. Too true! I may just leave the broken zip as air conditioning in readiness for summer!

  3. Green is certainly your color! Love this suit!

  4. Gorgeous in green! Love the first dress, but yes, the suit with its fabulous collar and bum ventilation feature is beautiful!
    And the blue dress is gorgeous too. What was the issue with blue? It suits you so well. Though now that I think about it, I am not keen on navy...
    Have a great weekend, Brooke! xxxx

    1. I think my issue with blue is navy. I just can't make friends with navy after all the horrendous school uniforms and work uniforms I had to put up with. I am starting to really love other shades of blue though, so in the future who knows!XXX

  5. you are so fashion forward! ventilation! the green suit is an absolute treasure, it's gorgeous! and the blue is a delight, you suit blue! and the first dress is pretty-ful! and 't' bar shoes *swoon* x x my chazza's need to step up their offerings!! x x

    1. Ah yes that's me, fashion forward! Hah! I love the green suit but will have to do something about the ventilation first, so am not flashing my granny undies.XXX