Friday, 6 September 2013

In bloom

 I start to get yearnings at this time of year.
Yearning to feel the sun on bare arms and legs.
Yearning to hear cicada's trill at night outside my window.
Yearning to smell the heady perfumes of all the flowers blooming.
Yearning to taste watermelon and mangoes.
Soon I tell myself. Soon.
Early this past week in Melbourne it has been a perfect little taste of Spring with us enjoying  beautiful mild days with blue skies overhead.
But yesterday, just to prove I am still in Melbourne, it was grey, raining and dreary.
But after the gorgeous weather I couldn't let that lovely Spring feeling go, and so to rebel, decided to wear a particularly Spring outfit. I even went bare legged (le gasp!) despite the almost blinding paleness of my legs.
I bought this skirt from my local Vinnies and thought the shades of apricot and peach just lovely, but having bought it months ago just never felt the weather right for it.
And yesterday the weather still wasn't right, but oh well, I'm a crazy gal living on the edge!
 The skirt  soooo reminds me of a grandma's floral couch. All it needs is a plastic slip cover to be complete!
I think the pattern is blooming lovely (do you see what I did there!) and love the circle skirt cut.
And with my op shopped apricot top I felt very Spring like.
I think what really made me wear this ensemble was that one of my new to me $3 handbags (that may or may not be made from an old tea towel!) matched perfectly with the skirt.
Matchy matchy heaven!
I am beginning to see other glimpses of Spring, even in my ramshackle unloved garden. (I am NOT a gardener. In fact I despise gardening with all my heart. I would rather stab myself in the eye than have to weed, and cultivate and whatever else you might do in a garden. Yet I would love to have a beautiful garden. I just don't want to have to make it beautiful myself!)
 Blooming beautiful!


  1. dang, you look pretty! what a find that skirt is! matchy matchy lovliness indeed!, great garden, I too share your gardening approach, I weed the front as it's paved but my back has a slight wilderness look x x

  2. It's so interesting to hear you speak of spring while we get ready for fall. This is the great thing about the internet while I am buried in layers of clothing you will be dashing about in summer frocks. Very lovely outfit Ms. Brook and I love seeing all these grand blooming flowers:)