Thursday, 26 September 2013

Put a ring on it.

Would you like to hear a terrible tale?
A tale of woe; of heartbreak; of hope dashed.
A tale of vicious crimes and evil intentions.
Then come closer people, gather round and I shall begin.
Okay, so I am being a tad melodramatic (Who? Me? Never!), but it is a sad little story I have to share, but fret not as there is a happy ending.
On my husband birthday about 2 years ago, a dastardly drug crazed villain had the audacity to break into our humble abode and steal lots of our goodies. Happy Birthday Hubby! Electrical items that could be easily palmed off and of course all of my jewellery were on his must-have list. The electrical stuff was easily replaced by our insurance company, but my jewels! Oh my lovely jewels! How can you replace such sentimental items as an emerald ring your mother had been given on her 18th birthday, my art deco ring that my parents had given me for my 21st birthday and my stunning diamond wedding band?

The wonderful police managed to apprehend the villain (and if he hadn't nicked all my lovelies I would almost feel sorry for him) and even tracked down two of my rings. But not my wedding ring, the only one I really wanted back.
I had another ring designed in an antique style and I adore it. Absolutely love it. And yet I have never worn it. It sits in its little velvet lined box as I just cant get used to such a big, cumbersome ring.

(I know, I know, what a terrible state of affairs. Can't wear her ring coz its too big. Boo hoo!
 But hey, I never said I wasn't shallow!)
About a year after losing my ring and not having anything to wear on my finger, my lovely husband bought this one for me.

A bow ring! So cute and pretty with its little diamond sparkling cheekily.
I was so happy with my adorable little replacement.
And then disaster struck. The worst kind of disaster. The disaster that only a toddler can cause.
My ring had been taken off to wash the dishes and Little Miss had decided that she liked my ring and by the time I realised the ring was gone she had somehow lost?/ hidden?/ pawned? my pretty new wedding ring. The house has been pulled apart and yet that bloody ring remains AWOL.
Time passed. Lots of time. Money was tight and couldn't stretch to buy a new ring.
Until now when this little fella found its way on to my finger!

Hurray, I am married again!
It was getting sooooo tiresome having to fight off the hordes of men hitting on me in my wedding ring-less state (don't I wish!) and I was concerned that soon I would have had more wedding rings than Elizabeth Taylor.
And do you know what. I quite like my fancy deco style ring on my other hand, so I now have two sparklers to flash around!
Do you have any favourite pieces of jewellery?


  1. it is a tragic, bloody awful tale, thieving! horrible stuff, your new sparkler is gorgeous though, and the big one ! I am a fan of big rings (I get a little animated wearing them? wtf?!) I have a smoky quartz silver ring I love, not delicate at all, put a tablecloth on it and we could eat! haha x x ps I'm really chuffed all ended well and you have a new beauty to wear! x x

    1. Thanks! All is well that ends well I suppose (but I still have hopes that I will stumble on my lost rings one day). I like the idea that you get more animated when you wear big rings. I will wear mine and see if it happens to me! XXX