Saturday, 24 November 2012

The bounty of Vinnies - a story of an unloved blue orphan

I was recently in one of my local op-shops, a Vinnies, when I heard a forlorn little cry from the back of the building. So I climbed over brown velour couches, hacked my way through a forest of denim, scaled piles of Lionel Ritchie and Wayne Newton records, and was briefly distracted by walls of books before being confronted by something that made my heart both sing and sob.
Look at this beauty! Yeah I know she is looking a little sad with her chipped blue paint exposing an awful green underneath. And those horrific ceramic handles. She was clearly embarrassed and lonely when I happened upon her, so I slowly approached ( so as not to startle her) and began the process of appraising all of her, albeit hidden, good points. Great size. Excellent structural condition. Handy storage. Dovetailed drawers. Mid century lines. Yep, I loved her and could see all of her potential and look past all of her little quirks. I ummed and ahhed for about a month as I already own a newish, perfectly serviceable TV cabinet. But my current cabinet doesn't have any personality or soul and this one does. And I have vowed that I would banish boring and mundane from my home and fill it with unusual, beautiful, crazy pieces full of character. So I bought her! Ans she had been reduced down to $28. Win! I have grand plans for my beauty (cue evil laugh), with her getting another shelf to house more of our TV paraphernalia, pretty glass handles and most of all some new paint. After losing myself In Pinterest and hunting down images of other oh so lovely and covetable cabinets like these ones below, I have decided on a turquoise/teal colour for my lovely. A post of the upcoming make-over will be following soon.

My grand plans extend to a hand made wall mounted shelving system, but I will keep that under my proverbial hat until I can pull it all together to unveil my grand-grand plan (whew! So many plans, so little time  - story of my life!)
So, thank-you bountiful Vinnies for providing so well, as you always do.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Giant scarab beetles, sheep cooking moulds and an enormous red figure talking to a pig!

It sounds like  a crazy nightmare inspired by a late night cheese and pickled onion binge or a so-bad-it's-good science fiction movie doesn't it but I swear these things are real. Check them out yourself.
There is something absolutely surreal about walking through the bush, meandering around paths, hearing birds and small animals scurrying in the undergrowth and then BAM! Life sized silver moulds of sheep. Ofcourse. Happens to me all the time.

On the weekend I took my children and my mum for a visit to the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park in Langwarrin. I have visited before and try and encourage everyone who is able to go and experience the beauty and the craziness of the park.

The park showcases over 70 works by well known Aussie sculptors and according to the website is"committed to the development of sculpture in Australia". They change up many of the regular sculptures and introduce more so the park is always evolving and surprising.

The park is currently running the survey and award for best outdoor sculpture. 

Many of these sculptures do ask you not to touch, so you will have to ignore the shots of my brood clambering over, under, on and so on. As you can expect, the sculptures almost cry out to be touched (or ridden), to feel the material they were  created from and because the sculptures are almost hidden amongst 16 acres of bushland, they feel like they are hidden treasures just for our own pleasure.
I loved watching my children interact and experience the art and I think that by them touching thay can process it better.
There is also a stunning lake amongst the bush and landscaped gardens with sculptures perched beside the water, so the park is a perfect spot for a picnic after enjoying the walk around all of the sculptures. There is also a fantastic indoor gallery and cafe. So if you are in the area, put aside a couple of hours and go and relax in the McClelland Sculpture Park. Be inspired and recharge the batteries at the same time.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Do you want to know a secret?

I hate to admit this but there is an evil, horrible part of me that doesn't want me to tell you this. Remember the little cartoon devil that would sit on Sylvester's shoulder. I have one of those.  It is angrily hissing "No! Don't tell anyone! Keep it all for yourself!" But I shall be strong and virtuous and not listen to that naughty little voice (it also tells me to eat cake and chocolate all the time too!). For I have something wonderful to share with all of you vintage, antique and collectable loving people out there. I have seen heaven and it is truly wonderful! Imagine an enormous space full of every old and pre loved piece your heart has desired. Now imagine it bigger. Now bigger! Records - tick. Clothing - tick. China - tick. Jewellery - tick. Signs - tick. Hand bags - tick. Furniture - tick. Industrial pieces, farming paraphernalia, bikes, aboriginal artefacts, glass ware, material. The place has everything and MORE. I'm talking about the amazing space that is the Waverley Antiques Bazaar, and it is my nirvana. When I feel stressed or upset I imagine myself wandering in my happy place, the Waverley Antiques Bazaar and I instantly feel better. Now I'm not promising the same restorative and therapeutic powers for everyone but if you are looking for something cool, quirky or one of a kind for pretty reasonable prices  you had just better head down there.
The timber in these children's shoe lasts is gorgeous.

How great are theses colours. This sign makes me want ice-cream so bad!

Two fat ladies anyone?

Old typewriters are things of beauty.
Alas, none of these treasures came home with me. They are on my most coveted list though and when I win that elusive tattslotto they will be mine!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to a gals ramblings and babblings about all the things that matter to me. My family. Vintage. Creating. Food. Clothes. Vintage clothes. Vintage furniture. Maybe more clothes.
 I love nothing better than scavenging amongst the detrius of someone elses life at op shops, markets and even road side rubbish collections (I know, I know - don't judge me) to unearth that piece of treasure that can live and be loved again. I love collecting furniture, clothing and jewellery that is a bit battered and worn and has a history. I love creating things that everytime I see them or wear them I feel good and smile. My creations aren't perfect and they usually look better in my head than in real life but who cares.