Saturday, 29 June 2013

King Kong

My son has a toy monkey that used to travel everywhere with him.
Monkey (for that is his very original name) would have amazing adventures and many a time we have been regaled by tales of his shenanigans and wild exploits .
Monkey apparently used to sneak my son in to a pub to see bands.
Monkey even has a punk song written about him.
So when we went to watch the musical production of King Kong, it was only fitting that my son  brought along Monkey to catch up with his primate cousin on stage.
This is monkey enjoying a pre show snack.
I had pretty high expectations of the production but even those were exceeded and I was absolutely blown away by the sheer brilliance  of the show.
We were all delighted by the costumes, song and dance numbers, entranced by the psychedelic light displays and mesmerised by the casts amazing voices.
And then there was the beast, King Kong!
Images found here
I can't even describe the moment we first saw the beast on stage and how amazingly realistic it looked. Although it is only an enormous puppet we were  petrified, enraged, and heartbroken in turns through out the production.
When he roared we all huddled and shook in our seats.
When he fought for his lady love we all cheered.
 And when he was shot down we all shed a tear for the beast and cursed the barbaric nature of us humans. (OK it may have just been me shedding a tear, but it was very sad!)
The show was just spectacular and will stay with me forever!
My son (and Monkey) also thought the production was amazing and I am so glad I got to share that with my son. There was a moment though when King Kong bellowed and I thought I was going to lose my son under the seat!
Even with just my phone camera the beauty of the Regent Theatre is breathtaking.
After the show, Monkey went a little crazy and decided to get up to some primate tomfoolery.
Whilst we decided a Lindt chocolate platter was more in order.
A theatre show of such magnitude deserved an equally eye catching frock so I wore my stunning 50's frock with the most dramatic collar that ever was.
It is such a hard colour to photograph, but you can see it more here.
Gorgeous black gloves with scalloped edges and the sweetest little embroidered flowers made the outfit.
And a lady has to have bows on her seamed tights!
What has everyone else been up to this weekend?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I'm dreaming of glasses and hats.

How is it that I just have to put on glasses and I feel more intelligent?
I'm sure my vocabulary increased just peering through these specs.
I'm on the hunt for some new glasses so have been searching on the web and in shops for some pretty cats eye styles. I have seen some gorgeous vintage lovelies but am not sure about the whole getting new lenses in old frames dilemma.
Any recommendations?
I was also feeling a 50's college vibe today with my toasty warm red (and recently thrifted) cardi, plaid skirt and my adorable oxford style heels.
Whenever I wear red I  realise how much I adore the vibrant shade and vow to never stop wearing the colour.  Red is just so versatile, so rich and always gives me a lift.
As well as faffing about with glasses imagining myself to be a mid century university student  I have been having a grand old time playing with some flowers and ribbons and attempting to create some vintage style hats.
It was lucky the flowers were red because I'm pretty sure I added more than a little blood with all of my finger pricking!
I found a great tutorial for a vintage style headband in the always inspiring Mollie Makes magazine and have been whipping up heaps of these ribbon rosettes in an array of hues.
I went on a hot glue frenzy and made this crazy number for a Mad Hatters Tea party at work.
I probably won't be wearing this one out!
(What is funny is that people were complimenting me on how pretty the hat was but as I am deathly afraid of butterflies all I could think of was that I had those revolting creatures hovering
around me. Uuuugggghhh!)
One day I will fulfil a dream by completing a millinery course and will actually learn how to make vintage hats. And I will wear a different hat every day!
Until then I can have fun playing with pretty flowers and trying not to give myself third degree burns with the hot glue gun.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Some weekends start of so normally, full of the loved and the everyday.
Freezing cold mornings at my sons football game.
Feeding ducks.
Playing in the park.
Laundry. Cleaning. Cooking.
You know...the usual.
And then the weekend takes a little detour and.... KABAM!
I am trying to seize every opportunity that comes my way and create some amazing memories so when a chance to be in a music video came up I quickly signed myself, my husband and my son up.
 Oh and did I mention we would be zombies.
Getting all gory and revolting  by professional make-up artists was a real hoot.
Every person  (I mean zombie) had a different look as if a different horrible death had befallen them.
My husband had some particularly nasty looking wounds. It looked like someone had taken some good bites out of him!
And the little fella was pretty happy with his scary countenance.
He had the whole undead thing down pat.
He was so convincing that the director featured him in a few scenes.
I just looked like I had had a really big Saturday night. Actually I think in the old days I may have looked a sight worse than this as I stumbled out of the clubs at dawn.
There were some genuinely petrifying zombies.
We certainly created a stir when we were filming the alley and car park scenes.
We had such a wonderful experience and were all fascinated by the creative make up artists and the intricacies of filming a video clip.
I can't wait to see the clip when it has been edited and polished and will  fill everyone in when it is all completed and ready to be viewed.
So not the usual Sunday but we thoroughly enjoyed  our day of zombie shenanigans!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Help a lady out and buy some stuff!

 I am not sure about all of you, but I know that I am not a wealthy, mansion owning kind of gal.
As much as I wish I did, I do not have unlimited funds nor unlimited space to fill with my collections of frippery and furbelow's.
My current wardrobe situation is a crime against clothing with my lovelies hanging two, or even three to a hanger, crowded and suffocating in their dark little cell. I'm pretty sure I can hear them screaming and writhing in agony in the night.
The horror! Oh the horror!
So a purge had to happen.
And some of my pretties have to go to new homes with new mothers to love and care for them, and give them a whole new life.
(I'm not crying, I just have allergies.)
So if anyone is interested in adopting a lovely, please check out my ebay listings and click on the link.
Let me introduce you to.....
See how sad I am. Can't even crack a smile!
Not when I have to say farewell to this chocolate and pink pussy-bow number.
This frock is so fun and bright and cheerful!
Yes it is a maternity frock, but it is awesome and sooo comfortable.
The softest and most supple long leather jacket that ever was.
Super plush vintage faux fur.
Everyone needs a little black faux fur jacket.
The great thing about delving into the hidden corners of my wardrobe was I unearthed a couple of stunners that I just couldn't bear to part with.
Like this Pucci style print tunic top .
And this amazing home made frock of the prettiest blues and greens.
 But I am hoping that these forgotten beauties will eventually be able to hang comfortably in the wardrobe, not piggy backing on others or jostling with their neighbours.
Happy weekend!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Do not look directly at my boobs

It looks like a perfectly unassuming dress doesn't it?
I've featured it before on this blog here and did not encounter anything odd.
But I wore it today and was happily admiring how much hot pink I was able to throw on with my grey and white 60's frock and so had a bit of a photo shoot after a long day of errands and odd jobs.
And then I noticed something.
(Actually several things. Like how did my hair go so frizzy? Wassup with that? Just look at all those weird fly away bits that appear to be trying to float away from my scalp.)
I observed an odd optical illusion around my chest region.
Its starting to morph here....
and here...
I'm a little concerned that all day I have been traipsing around my local area unaware that I have a strange hypnotic pattern dancing on my boobs.
So I'm just warning you all. Avert your eyes people!
 For your own safety, do not look directly at my boobs!
On another note, I am in the process of doing a HUGE wardrobe purge and am listing lots of vintage, and retro clothing so will do another post tomorrow with some pics of the lovelies that have to leave my overcrowded nest and links so if anyone is interested, stay tuned.
Stand down hair, damn you!



Monday, 17 June 2013

The echoing green...

I adore autumn with its mild days, chilly nights and that crisp tang in the air.
I love the colours of autumn and watching the gorgeous colour changes in beautiful old trees, before the leaves finally  get caught by the wind and spin down to earth.
 Is there anything more satisfying than stomping through crackling and crunchy fallen leaves?
After moving to our suburb a few years ago, I discovered that autumn kind of misses us  by here.
We are surrounded by lots of tree with a park in front of my house and land behind us, but these are filled with Australian native gum trees and although I feel lucky that I always have so much green around me, I do miss all of those exquisite autumnal shades.
But now winter has well and truly arrived I am very thankful for all of the greenery and am so happy not to have bare and naked trees all around.
My little clan love nothing more than slipping on the gumboots and "bush bashing", a wonderful Aussie past time that involves traipsing through various scrubby bits of land and imagining ourselves explorers or early settlers. We can lose ourselves for hours following narrow dirt tracks and
pushing our way through tea tree and eucalypts.
We eventually find our way home, tired, muddy and usually  covered in scratches from our adventures, but always happy.
And echoing all the green from our bush bash, is my wonderful newly op shopped woollen skirt.
It is a Trent Nathan circle skirt in the most delicious shade of green.
Being a circle skirt it is just made for twirling!
I wore it today and added a sweet little berry coloured scarf/ascot thingy that a friend at work kindly gave me. It was just the ticket to spice up the outfit and warm me up.
So snuggly and such a pretty shade.
I have the pattern and want to make a ton of these in every colour.
I just have to try a decipher exactly what the bloody pattern is saying!