Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Travelling dress - the adventure continues.....

(I interrupt my lengthy blog hibernation to bring you this post. I will return soon. Soonish perhaps.)

One of the reasons I adore vintage is imagining the life a dress has had before coming to you. The fact that the dress has a history, has lived, is so charming and beguiling to me.
Who was the girl that made this dress? Or did she save and save to buy it?
Was it a special dress for much longed for occasion?
How did she feel when she wore the dress? Beautiful? Stunning?
What adventures did the dress take part in? What shenanigans, joys or sorrows was the dress an accomplice to?
Did the owner of the dress never want to take it off?

So when I had the opportunity to take part in Joanna from Dividing Vintage Moments travelling dress journey with this gorgeous honey of a frock, I jumped at the chance. Hells yeah  I wanted to be in on this dresses adventure! I could now become part of this frocks rich history and share in its story.
(And hopefully not rip it! Oh I had so many moments when I prayed to the dress gods to not wreck this lovely.) 

I did have visions of sun-burnished fields or nostalgic old railway stations to set my photo shoot, but alas, time poverty, crazy work and family schedule and sodden Melbourne weather all worked together to dampen my creative flame.

 So instead, my parents gorgeous weatherboard cottage built around 1915 would suffice, with the laughing kookaburra watching keenly (and probably laughing!) over the proceedings.

Isn't it the most amazing window?

I had a blast swanning about in the frock even though I had to rug up with my op-shopped brown coat. It is a truly lovely dress with rich autumnal colours  that I normally wouldn't wear but loved on this frock.

And the Little Miss had to be part of the dresses journey too!

A little too big just yet but that is the beauty of this dress. It has adorned so many amazing ladies all over the world, all different, with varying lives but all with the passion and love for vintage who appreciate the qualities of this sweet frock and who want vintage to live on. For the journey to continue. For future generations to adore it just as much.
Thank-you so much Joanna for allowing me to be part of such a special project, and thank-you to all the gorgeous blog ladies who have imbued the dress with their grace and magic.
Check out the dresses journey on Joanna's blog to see its global adventure.