Sunday, 6 October 2013

Beasties, bones and bygone days

Good lawd I am looking forward to tomorrow and the start of the new school term!
I just don't think I can keep up this mad pace, and after trying to fit in oodles of fun activities, breaking up bickering, general child care, work, study and, you know, me, I am just about buggered.
The kidlets and I have done so much gallivanting, and have had so much fun and general good times with movies, the Melbourne Show, shopping and occasionally being able to venture outside despite  the terrible holiday weather.
And yesterday we all decided to have one last holiday hurrah and head to the always entertaining and educational Melbourne Museum.
The Little Miss goes through strange obsessions and dinosaurs and sharks are both topics  that she has been enamoured with, (we may have let her watch Sharknado and she now thinks that it is the best movie ever! Ooops!) and so she was in her element checking out all the beasties and bones.
Calamari anyone?
My husband was very taken with the amazing geological exhibitions and I have to admit, some of those crystals and rocks were stunning .
How good would one of these guys look as some bling on  my finger!
I assure you I was having fun despite the look on my face!
Some of us really liked the rocks.
We were all repulsed by, and yet strangely drawn to, all of the weird and wonderful insects.
I am going to have nightmares about those spiders. I just know it!
Does it look like I am eating a moth? Uuuggghhh!
I think one my favourite displays will always be the majestic Phar Lap, which still brings a tear to my eye. I remember seeing this exhibit as a child and marvelling at how huge Phar Lap looked.
Some beautiful race wear from Phar Laps era.
Stepping into the Little Lon house, a replica of an old Melbourne inner city home is like stepping back in time. My kids were amazed by how small it was and the lack of TV had them gob smacked.
I probably won't be swapping my nice open plan house and inside plumbing for this little one!
I can't resist a pretty dress and lovely silverware.
In the human body exhibit we were possibly a little more excited by the fun house mirrors and digestive system display complete with poo and toilet noises.
Yep that's a poo and didn't the Little Fella have a great time pushing the flatulence noises. (OK, so I did too!)
I'd love to say that we all filled our noggins full of lots of very important information, but that is probably not true. We did learn a little however and had a thoroughly entertaining day in the process.
For our day of traipsing about the museum I wore lots of op shopped goodies including my new op shopped black bag that is wonderfully big and roomy and has a great vintage look.
How has your weekend been?


  1. You look so pretty in pink, and the bag is a beauty!
    Melbourne Museum looks amazing, the kids and I would love it too. Creatures, rocks and fossils and bones, poo, and funny mirrors tick our boxes too! xxx

    1. It is a great day out with something for everyone that is for sure. XXX

  2. another fab day out, no wonder your'e exhausted! moth eating! it does look terrifyingly like it gah! my hubs goes all misty over geology ( at times especially on a beach and he picks up a pebble and describes various blah blah blah, hehe!! I like sparkly ones!!) you do look gorgeous, Mary Janes 4ever!!! and were those spiders alive? Museum's are the best though, so much more interesting than the dusty relics a million years ago when I was little xx

    1. I like the sparkly rocks too! I don't need to know their scientific name, just that they are pretty. Museums have definitely come along way, and now are really interactive. XXX