Thursday, 27 February 2014

All Hail O Mighty Procrastinator

I am a world class procrastinator.
If there were awards given, I am positive I would proudly be displaying on my mantel Oscars, Pulitzer's and Nobel prizes for putting things off.
And no, I am not proud of this character flaw of mine. Oh no, for it gets me into no end of trouble. 
I recall long nights of studying and cramming (and bouts of tears and tantrums) for exams when I had been given months to prepare but had found myself, at the last minute, attempting to learn an entire years worth of information in a single night.
Right now I have oppressing and fun-sucking dead lines looming and yet here I am, whittling away my time, googling, blogging, commenting and generally just doing everything in my power to not do the things that really need to get done.
I hope you all realise that your blogs are currently enabling my terrible weakness!
I desperately need to get my posterior into gear, but it wants to stay firmly glued to the couch doing as little as possible. (Did I hear a bone lazy? A couch potato? Yep and yep!)
So, instead of completing assignments and becoming a wise and intellectual being  who will have her pick of well paying jobs, I am in the grip of a mammoth case of procrastination and have been trying to come up with reasons to delay writing my assignments. 
Like I have to go search for that ridiculously rare Peruvian powdered herb that I just have to have for dinner tonight.
Or I just have to clear out the wardrobe and if that means I have to try on all my clothes to see if they all fit then so be it.
Or, I just need to have a wee peek at the op shop around the corner. And the one up the street. And the four that are a 15 minutes drive away.
Hell, I have even been known to clean as a way to put off doing homework!
Last week I intended to very briefly pop into a few shops before settling in for a long day of essay  blathering. I was serious. I meant business. It was all going to get done. I sat down to start tip tapping away at the keyboard and ....... nothing. Brain fart. Flat line.
So I reasoned that as optimal brain function was required, some external stimuli (in the form of pretty frocks) was essential.
Stimuli was found in the form of this darling 80's dress with a gorgeous checker board pattern in aqua and white.

Even the label is so very 1980's!
Stimuli was also found in this gorgeous vintage (60's?) sleeveless ruffled beauty of a top that buttons up the back. I have been wanting a top like this for ages and was rapt to discover it for $3.
Unfortunately, not even all of that stimulation was enough to get that assignment written.
(But look at how cute this dress is? How could it not kick start my brain? How?)
Perhaps I need to be locked in a bare room with nothing but the computer and a big dose of grim determination.
Or perhaps I just need a few more op shops to inspire me and get the creative juices flowing.....

Friday, 21 February 2014

Meet Colonel Von Schnitz

 I am the first to admit that I have a "problem" with hand bags.
We have all seen the evidence before on this blog. Many times. Many, many times.
And yet I still yearn and pout for more!
I absolutely MUST have a Lucite box purse and am currently biding my time until one can fall into my greedy, hand bag caressing hands.
But, amongst all my treasury of bags, amongst the leather, and vinyl, and rattan, and raffia, and fabric and embroidery and bejewelled beauties there was something missing.
For whilst I had so many, I did not have a dog shaped bag!
 Oh hey fella!
So, if I can introduce to you all.....Colonel Von Schnitz!
He is a very cuddly and cute black vinyl darling with a gorgeous sunny temperament, doesn't shed fur all over the couch, and doesn't eat much at all.
Overall a perfect pet! Add to the fact that he kindly stores a few little daily necessities like a compact, lippy, phone and some coins, and suddenly we have a wonderful companion.
 I discovered him at Savers, and adopted him to live at our house. There have been some tussles over him with my daughter who is equally as smitten with the Colonel.
He is just so gosh darn cute!
 Our other little black dog, LuLu, doesn't appear so enamoured.
Nah, she couldn't give a hoot. As long as Von Schnitz doesn't steal her food or take any tummy rubs she's cool.
But everyone else loves him (OK my husband gave me a look and just shook his head sadly when he first met Von Schnitz but oh well!), and he has been welcomed into the family.
Must fly now. Time for walkies!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Bargains, ballerina's and a bit of romance.

 What did you want to be when you grew up?
(Or are you like me and still don't feel like a grown up?)
When I was a little girl I dearly wanted to be a ballerina. And a mermaid. And an actress. And  a pop star. And a football player. And a trapeze artist. And a vet. And a writer. And a costume designer.
Yeah, I had a lot of dreams for a little lady!
I am pretty sure I can safely say that most of my child hood dreams are unobtainable now and won't come true.
I will never get to ride a unicorn over the rainbow. Or have a swing inside my lounge room. Or play a guitar in a rock band whilst millions of fans scream my name.
But a girl can still dream, right?
I found this pale pink frock for about a dollar and after trying it on one steamy day last week, suddenly felt like my dream of becoming a world famous ballerina who could leap like a gazelle, pirouette and spin, plie and generally float across a stage might still be possible.
 It isn't a typical ballerina style with full tu-tu skirt and yet it makes me feel like dancing around the house imagining myself to be Anna Pavlova. It is just so sheer, and floaty and makes me waft instead of walk. A bargain to feel like that for only a dollar!
More recent bargains in the shape of retro beads gorgeous vintage red gloves.
 And the only thing better than a bargain is something that is free!
After discovering my floaty pink frock I spotted this trunk outside the op shop near the donation bin and when I enquired about the price, the lovely elderly gentleman said they were throwing it out and I was welcome to it for free. Say what?
 Now that is a bargain!
 The case is huge and was made in Melbourne by Flite Pak. It has the most beautiful brass locks and the rescued lovely is now home to all of my kids dress up clothes.
 And look at this beautiful (and wrinkly!) vintage pink scarf that seemed the perfect match for my new to me pink dress. The scarf is silk and depicts so many lovely scenes from yesteryear. I keep spotting new details every time I look at it.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day full of love. I was absolutely exhausted after having a crazy day at work hosting a Valentines Day special event and playing cupid to all of my residents.
We celebrated with handmade cards, handmade paper roses,
and a divine cake and biscuits to enjoy for afternoon tea.
And the most fantastic moment of Valentines Day was watching an elderly gentleman surprise his wife of over 60 years with a long stemmed red rose and a loving kiss.
It was a moment of such romance and poignancy, that I almost became a blubbering mess.
And luckily, after seeing such a beautiful romantic moment at work I discovered these gorgeous flowers for me at home.
 Romance isn't dead. Hurrah!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Beaten by the heat in Brunswick

So you all know we are going through a heatwave in Melbourne, right?
Have I whinged and moaned enough about the scorching rays? The constant stream of perspiration (yuck!)? The long, uncomfortable sleepless nights of tossing and turning? The flies. mozzies and cockroaches terrorising one and all? The car seat that burns your bum and thighs when you dare to sit on it and the blistering car steering wheel that takes off layers of skin when you try to hold it?
No clothes that don't feel like 80 layers of wool and down.
No make-up that doesn't feel like an oily, dripping slick on the face.
No hairstyle that doesn't feel like a wet dog sitting atop the head.
Aaahhh, don't you all wish you were here?
As you may have noticed, I am now officially over summer!
Even this oh-so- light frock was just too heavy! 
Instead of lounging in the baby pool with a spiked iced tea in hand all weekend like any normal person, I headed over to Brunswick on Saturday with my little clan, chasing up a new tattoo for the husband.
Okay, I wanted to check out all of the fabulous vintage shops that the area has to offer as well.
 Yep, piggy tails! I love them, and at least I was getting a little breeze on my neck.
 As sad as it is, and as much as I don't like to admit it, it was simply too hot shop!
Walking to and from the car, with the heat radiating from cobblestones and asphalt, through Brunswick's amazing lanes filled with cool buildings, funky shops and hip graffiti was enough for me.
I did squeeze in only one little op shop (scoring a great skirt, belt and bag which I will show off at a later date) and dearly wanted to have the energy to tackle the Rose Street Artists Market, but alas, treasure hunting and artistic appreciation were just not compatible with such a stonking hot day.
So we did the only thing possible to get us through.
 We had ice-cream!
 Ice cream does cure almost anything and it did help with the heat, but not enough to keep me from being a grouchy hot mess, so we called it a day.
And for some of us the heat proved a little too much.
Luckily my husband didn't sneak a snap of me snoozing in the sunshine!
How's the weather where you are?

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What's under your dress?

I am so not a fancy underwear kind of girl. (Can you tell?)
I would love to be, don't get me wrong. I dream of owning flimsy lacy beauties, sheer little bits that drape and caress and somehow demand attention.
Gorgeous concoctions that magically pull you in, push you up and make you feel like a goddess.
And yet when I go underwear shopping it is not that fantasy that I end up buying. Oh no. I go for the practical, serviceable and boring. No lovely colours. No pretty styles. Ho hum to the extreme!
Because as much as I love the look of beautiful lingerie, I'd rather buy something pretty that I get to show off and wear on the outside. Something that everyone can enjoy, not just me!
Despite never dropping a bundle on my unmentionables I do love vintage petticoats and am happy to adopt them whenever I unearth one on my op shopping adventures.
For me, there is nothing more  seductive and sexy than the feeling of stiff crinoline swishing
 around me.
 I love how a skirt perks up with a petticoat underneath and adore glimpsing that petticoat peeking cheekily from under skirts.
(I also love Little Misses impromptu dance/pose. In her pyjamas. With the craziest of crazy bed hair!)
 I love how confident and saucy I feel with those extra layers underneath me.
And  a huge crinoline can act as a personal space protector and rebuff others - Oh yes, Peaches McGinty I remember your tales of big petticoats!
I have recently added three more lovelies to my collection and have already put them to good use despite Melbourne's heat causing the stiffer petticoats to turn into itchy, welt inducing torture devices.
Now this one is definitely not for everyday. This little lady is for night time shenanigans involving loud music, passionate dancing and tall glasses of something delicious.
 So much body and oomph, she can stand up by herself! And check out that gold edging!
The gorgeous older lady at the op shop who sold me this one asked if I would really wear it and when I assured her I would, began reminiscing about her youth during the 50's in the States. She told me that she would wear 3 !!! of these crinolines under her dresses before going to dances, but was always wary of the boys who would use mirrors to look up girls skirts.
She was so adorable and even covered my sons ears when recounting her stories so that he wouldn't get any naughty ideas!
 I couldn't resist another hand bag that seemed to go so well with all my purple for the day.

Are you a fancy underwear kind of gal?
Are there pieces of underwear that converted you?