Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fun on the farm.

Well how about that. Another post and a month hasn't gone by. Go me!
I am feeling rather delicate after a wonderful night out with pals with lots of music, laughs and drinkies enjoyed after another heavy week at work. Actually I am totally surprised I didn't fall asleep at about 9pm (yep, I am such a hard core rager) as I felt I was already flagging. Luckily there was so much fun to be had, there just wasn't time to fall asleep!
We are starting to feel very Spring like here, and this weekend there is an abundance of glorious sunshine to frolic in. A few weekends back we also took advantage of a rain free day and headed to Caldermeade Farm, which is a working dairy farm and cafe and lots of fun for kids and grown ups alike. And a perfect excuse to don my newly purchased vintage mohair coat in the most divine tones of olive and green.
We wandered around the barn like viewing room amidst nostalgic old farming paraphernalia.

Oh how I would have loved to take this beauty home!
We did try and read some of the information about the farm displayed, but posing and playing took precedence.
This is the adorable cafe that was once the old homestead, and now is a great place to relax by the warming fires with a lovely hot cup of chai.
Hi moo's! It wasn't milking time when we visited the farm, so the ladies were at leisure, munching away peacefully in the sunshine.

If I had properly read all the information about the farm I could probably tell you the names of all the equipment. But of course my ignorance is painfully obvious so I shall leave it to you to imagine what all the shiny metal thingamajigs do.
A swell as all the moo cows there were many other sweet little creatures to bond with.
Yes these babies were snuggling in the cutest possible manner. And yes that is a fetching pink vest being worn. Because our fashion standards shouldn't drop just because we are on a farm.
An old tractor + young boy = a whole lotta fun.
After the farm, we couldn't resist popping in to a nearby antique shop. And I couldn't resist snapping this picture perfect cottage that is just so Australian.
We all enjoyed our  lovely family adventure, heading home tired and happy until we realised that we had perhaps brought home with us a little too much of the farm on the bottom of our boots, and had to drive with windows down to air out the stench. Ah the joys of the farm!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Forgive me

Forgive me for I have sinned.
It has been over a month since I have last blogged. And in the greater scheme of things I know that sins like murder and voting for Tony Abbot  are probably worse and will gain a little more roasting time in hell but still, I feel pretty bad about my lack of blogging.
What is even worse is that for a while I could not even read blogs for our lap top decided to conk out and have a lengthy and expensive holiday in the repair shop. Oh how we suffered with no technology! Oh how we were so ill informed with no Internet!
But, hurrah, for all has been fixed and I have thrown myself back into a lovely long spell visiting blogland today. It is true that I should have been doing house work and home work, but as I am already heading into the fiery pits anyway for not blogging I might as well be truly naughty and irresponsible and have some fun whilst I am at it.
Gosh, what have I been doing over the last month?
Work....yep, still battling away at that.
Op better believe it! I have become a regular at my work owned shop and have scored some fab shoes and accessories.
I scored this very boxy, yet very awesome, blue vintage jacket and quickly got to the job of revamping it to fit, and am very happy with the more tailored results.
See, much better! I am pretty sure that the last pic is of me showing off the sharp lapels but it also could be me smelling something bad. Hmmmm.
Enjoying the freshness of lemon and just loving this hand made knitted cardigan that I found in the kids section of the op shop. It just goes to show that you have to look everywhere when you op shop.
These little beauties of brooches were found at my works op shop and I know that they are just little plastic trinkets but I do find them adorable. I now have a little collection of these lovelies to brighten up an outfit.
I have to travel a little to hit some of my fave op shops but it pays off when you find stunning cocktail frocks that fit like they were made for me for only $7.99 each. Check out the rich pewter shades and bustle type ruffles of the frock above. And a pussy bow at the neck!!!!
I must be drawn to these shades at the moment because this shimmery metallic olive green cocktail  frock demanded to be mine too. How could I say no?
More goodies. And just to show that I am not obsessed with green 50's styles I found this fabulous pink, orange and purple number from the 70's. I do have some revamping to do (sorry vintage purists) but can't wait to don that bright happy dress.
Attended the "Heart of St Kilda" concert and despite a terrible head cold and sinus infection, enjoyed the great entertainers for a truly wonderful cause of helping the homeless and disadvantaged in the area.
Frocked up and gorged at a luxurious high tea with my pal.
Yummy! And also for a brilliant cause so I didn't feel so bad working my way through all of the goodies on offer.
So ladylike!
And last Wednesday my beautiful Little Miss turned four and we have celebrated with lots of gatherings and parties (and so much "Frozen" paraphernalia!) and cake. The little Miss is positive she has grown taller and when I look at these pics I have to agree. She looks so grown up!
I am sure there has been a lot more going on in my life but my poor old brain can't remember or recall much beyond what I had for brekkie this morning.
I do hope you all have been well and I hope that you can forgive me for my sinning.
I shall go read some more of your lovely blogs and redeem my self.