Sunday, 8 September 2013

Snippets and sausage sizzles

We have had a weekend filled with voting, sausage sizzles (because you can't vote without having a semi burnt sausage after - it is in our constitution, or something)
football presentations (also with a sausage sizzle)
 some rain (just as I waited in the loooooong queue to vote!)  and some divine sunshine.
We have a new Prime Minister and my son has a new trophy to be proudly displayed.
There has been fairy floss as large as a boys head,
and delicious breakfasts eaten leisurely.
There has been much sneezing, hacking and wheezing as I very kindly infected my whole family with a nasty virus (I'm a share bear!), so this weekend has been a time to  relax, recharge and hopefully feel renewed enough to tackle the week ahead.
It has been a weekend of change and I can only hope that after the childish shenanigans and mud slinging of the election campaign, that our new PM will get down to the important business of leading this country with wisdom, compassion, integrity and fervour.
That s me pondering change and wondering if a politician can have those traits. Hmmm.....
What I wore:
Vintage refashioned  dress and hand made hair bow  (made from the hacked of sleeves) to match.
Op shopped cardi, shoes, necklace and belt.


  1. I'm very sorry about your new PM....!!!
    You look delicious, and far more suitable to rule the country! XXX

    1. I agree! I would be more suitable to rule the country! (I think one of my children would rule the country better than the fools at the top!)I may go and work on my campaign slogan now.....XXX

  2. voting good - dodgy MP's bad, I do like a bit of burnt sausage! and you have a real trophy to display, never had one from the kids, I 'borrowed' one from overstock once, colleagues gave me an award for dressing or something, how bad! you look so good and that dress! flaming lovely! x x

    1. The only good thing about voting is the burnt sausage! Bloody politicians. This election has been a case of which person do I hate the least. Not a good way to pick a leader, I know. Ha ha, I think all I got were ribbons and a teeny tiny trophy in all my childhood years of sports. Already my son has enough awards and trophies to fill a cabinet. He may let me borrow one if I ask nicely I suppose. XXX