Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sneaky peek

Just a really quick peek at what I have been up to for the past week.
I'm frantically getting bits and bobs ready for tomorrow nights Gatsby Winter Soiree and today has been a frenzy of sewing, jewellery making and the unusual past-time of feather head wear creating.
Not my normal Thursday activities but definitely fun.
I am soooo happy with my ensemble and can't wait to frock up, fill up my hip flask with some hootch and get my Charleston on!
And I will try and take LOTS of pics because I am predicting some knock-out dresses, dapper lads and amazing dancing.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bag lady

I have been experiencing a bit of a frock drought at my local op shops lately.
I did manage to unearth one of my wish list items though (no, unfortunately not the unicorn!) with this new to me purple cardie.
 I am loving this shade and pussy bow style with its 40's feel and am sooo happy with how many clothing items I can team it with.
My cherry print skirt has exactly the right purple shade and I can't even explain how happy that makes matchy-matchy me.
Despite the dress shortage, I am having a veritable deluge of other pretties.
I have been a bag lady from way back and can't seem to say no to a pretty bag.
I have absolutely no will power when it comes to chocolate or handbags and so have accumulated a few (Cough! Cough!) over the years.
They are everywhere in my house. In tubs. Under beds. On shelves.
I even have them hanging on walls as decor items.
Yes, behind that chair is an ever growing wall o' bags!
I think that they may even be breeding.(Yeah, that must be it. Every night there is a handbag orgy going on. It could happen.)
But I love having different bags for every outfit, mood or situation.
Recently my lovely mother-in-law gifted me not one but two amazing vintage bags from an antique fair she had attended.
She knows me and my addiction too well!
So sparkly! It would take a much stronger woman than I to resist a blinged up bag!
This one takes me back to my childhood and loving nothing better than raiding my Nana's wardrobe and playing dress - up. I used to covet a white bag of Nana's just like this one.
And so, being me, these two beauties weren't enough. I needed more! More!
I couldn't resist this wee lovely from eBay with its soft, soft leather and red clasp.
(I was a bit ticked off though that the seller failed to mention the rips in the lining. Hmmmm. Oh well, the old girl is a bit ragged but still so pretty.)

And how could I not bring home this sweet little cane number. I couldn't just leave it at the op shop all lonely and unloved!
So, it is pretty clear to me that as well as my capelet obsession I have a very serious hand bag addiction. Serious serious! Group therapy serious. Maybe even shock therapy serious!
Is there a support group for those loving handbags a little too much?
Would anyone else like to join?
(I have just had a rather comforting thought. It is not an addiction but a collection. That sounds better doesn't it. Oh lawd, that sort of denial is exactly what a true addict would say. I need help!)

 Oh look! There is me. With another handbag!!!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekend tales

Whew, what a weekend!
I've had the kind of weekend that needs a weekend to recover from.
On Friday night, the husband and I joined some friends to see British India, an amazing group of young Aussie punk rockers.
 (How rock star am I? Two Friday nights in a row seeing gigs. Next I will start wearing leather pants and having vodka in my cornflakes!)
I am not sure I can even express how fun and exhilarating the night was with the boys inciting rowdy shenanigans from the crowd of mostly young guys. The fans were moshing; lurching and playing pushy-shovey with each other until on many occasions it all went a bit far and just standing in the crowd turned scary. Thankfully I was not ploughed down in the waves of testosterone destruction  but I have some killer bruises from the night.
I tried to take some snaps but all I got were the shirts of the guys in front. I even tried to get my husband to take some from his much higher vantage point but he got a little over excited and decided to join in the moshing instead.
I wore an adorable Dangerfield dress from years ago that isn't exactly rock chic, but the colour is amazing and vibrant.
Awww, I coordinated with my husband. That's love!
And then instead of recovering on Saturday, nursing my poor head, throbbing feet and still ringing ears, I went out for a late breakie with my husband and then I took my Mum birthday shopping. It was a lovely afternoon of gossip, bonding and clothes, but lawd, it was exhausting!
Lots of tea and rests were required of course.
Sunday didn't turn out to be a day of rest either with the little fella's football match followed by a wonderful family lunch to celebrate my Mums birthday.
Happy 29th birthday Mum!
 (That's how old she tells us she is. But honestly, isn't she gorgeous?)
Somehow I was too busy talking to get any pics of my delicious food but I did take shots of my son enjoying his amazing cinnamon ice cream.
And then leaping and jumping, high on the ice cream sugar rush that inevitably followed.
Finally, there was more shopping as I tried to pull together a 1920's ensemble for the upcoming Gatsby inspired Winter Soiree.
Savers once again lived up to its name and saved me by providing a very cheap  but gorgeous dress and chiffon jacket that I think I can fashion to be 20's(ish) - but more of that exciting event to follow!
I don't think this old girl could survive too many more of these fast paced weekends and I vow to have a nice quiet week to recharge the batteries.
Now, if only work and children could oblige!
What have you been up to this weekend?

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Green and pink and little pleasures.

I love green.
I love green and pink together even more.
That's why I adore this skirt with its great shades of green and pink on black.
 I think I have had it since I was about twenty two. Of course it used to  sit on my hips back then but at least I can still fit into it.
Despite its antiquity it is a favourite and the pattern just feels so fresh and pretty.
Now what I don't love is big zits and terribly dirty hair, both of which I featured today, so I kinda needed the pick me up of pink and green together to get me through the day.
I popped in to Savers in between all the other errands I had to do today and although I didn't find anything I did have a lovely experience.
One of the great ladies that work there was kind enough to give me a compliment on my outfit and said "I see you come in and I always think you look so lovely" and whilst I walked in feeling self conscious and grotty she totally made me walk away feeling fantastic.
Isn't it amazing how a smile, a cheerful word or a compliment from someone you don't even know can really help some days.

I tried to hide the dirty 'do with a beautiful vintage scarf in range of pinks.
Besides lovely compliments, today has been a day of little pleasures and enjoying vanilla chai lattes (why has it taken me to get on the chai bandwagon?), the novelty of being able to wear my cardigans, tights and coats and watching the fantastic Aussie series, Wentworth.
Image found here
If you are able to, watch it. It is really good. Really bloody good!
 I didn't want to like it because I LOVED the old Prisoner and grew up watching Queen Bea, Doreen, Lizzy and Vinegar Tits as a young girl. I still watch the reruns on Foxtel.
It was a little disconcerting to see the new actors playing the old characters in a thoroughly modern setting, but this new show is full of drama, and powerful performances and has totally sucked me in.
I love a day full of little pleasures!
What are your little pleasures?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

From grey to blue.

The grey skies above dictated my outfit choice this morning.
Grey spotted skirt, grey tights and a grey woollen coat.
How drab and dreary!
I did try and spruce myself up with some bright lippy but I think it was a losing battle.
I was very happy to have on my grey 1970's coat I'd scored from my local Vinnies last year for a tenner because it was bloody cold outside in the morning.
Soooo warm and in excellent condition, it is  a Los Angeles of Melbourne.
But, you know, just a bit drab and lacking in....drama, so I added an enormous fluffy faux fur collar that I adopted from a Savers and have named Barry.
Snug huh? Barry does attract a bit of attention though. There were a few side glances at his plushness.
I went for a stroll and a saunter with Barry and my best girlfriend, Little Miss, and may have snuck in a little shopping, before it was absolutely necessary to relax with a babycino and chai latte.
How fab is her jacket! It may be made of Barry's cousin.
Barry and the jacket had to go by lunchtime because the sky had cleared and the day warmed beautifully with blue skies as far as the eyes could see.
So my drab grey outfit was quickly shelved so the kids, the dog and I could romp and rove in the stunning afternoon.
I hope everyone has a great day and may your day be filled with blue skies!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

The best laid plans....

 I'm a planner.
I like to make lists.
I like to be organised.
Yeah, I'm boring!
When I have an event to attend, be it a concert, dinner, drinks or a party, I have to meticulously plan in advance what I will wear. Not just the frock mind you, I have to have the whole ensemble with matching hair accessories, jewellery and underwear all pre organised. (OCD much?)
There is no throwing on any old thing at the last minute for me.
I am definitely NOT one of those lovely laid back free spirits that picks their frock dependent on their mood. Nuh huh, that just isn't me.
I had planned on wearing this amazing 70's doing 40's dress to the Tenacious D gig I went to on Friday night.
 I had found this fancy little number in a Salvo's for a measly $5.99 ages ago, but due to some modesty issues (it is very sheer!) and me not having an adequate slip I have  never worn it.
 I  bought a slip and tried the dress on with different belts, different accessories, different shoes and had finally decided on the perfect ensemble only to pop it on in the mad crazy rush that was Friday night when all my planning went awry and I suffered a wardrobe disaster.
The zipper broke! Aarrgghh!
Of course my husband had been toe tapping, grumbling under his breath and looking at his watch for a while by that time, so there was no time for repairs and I had to (gulp!) throw on another unplanned dress. Aarrgghh! Aarrgghh!
Oh well, despite clothing mishaps the night was brilliant and Tenacious D were totally entertaining and hysterical and awesome!
I do love this dress though with its 70's imitating 40's design, ruched shoulders, sweet little peplum and floaty skirt.
And it has such a cute little "donut" pattern in bright yellow, blue and pink which really pops against the black background.

  I was even going to team the dress with a great faux fur collar to make myself feel like a 40's screen siren.
Now I just need to repair the zipper and plan another night on the tiles for my little frock!
Has any one else had any disastrous wardrobe malfunctions?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I'm back in the game!

Like a phoenix from the flames, I have risen!
Renewed and re energised after my lengthy bout of the flu/plague/leprosy, I finally did a full day of work on Monday, and so felt the need to celebrate my return to normality with a frenzy of op shopping on my day off on Tuesday.
I wore one of my remodelled dresses, a terribly sewn homemade vintage number that I love anyway. It has wonky seams and bits that don't quite match but it has such a vibrant pattern with bright orange, purple and green on black.
I had taken off the oddly ill fitting sleeves and added a little bow at the neck because every dress looks better with a bow in my opinion.
And doesn't my little green scottie dog brooch look adorable?
After living in my PJ's for the past two weeks it is amazing how much better a girl can feel all frocked up with a big ass victory roll in her hair and my war paint on!
My old friends, the lovely local charity shops, welcomed me with open arms, and I basked in their warm embrace and hunted and delved until I found......
Say what?
I'm worried I may have lost my oppy mojo. I even had sore arms from pawing through the racks and lugging armloads of clothes around. What have I become?
But fret not for I have formulated an intensive thrift shop work out program to increase my shopping stamina and build strength up again and I will hit those stores HARD and become a gold winner bargain huntress once more!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to my amazing and beautiful mother who with her strength, patience, devotion and most of all love has been my inspiration as a mum and whom I try to emulate daily.
She is my best friend and the person with whom I can be my true self (warts and all!) and who will listen and care and not think I am a loony when I rave and rant, dream and dither or whine and wail.
She is also going to kill me for posting this fab pic of us all frocked up as part of a wedding party in the 80's.
(But how awesome are those puff sleeves! And that may be the beginning of my capelet obsession).
I have had a wonderful day, full of love and homemade gifts and hope that all of the ladies out there who may be mums or grandmothers or even aunts have had a special day with all of their nearest and dearest.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tales from the sick-bed.

You can forget any fancy frocks today as I'm favouring plague-victim chic at the moment and am still suffering from my virus/infection/leprosy illness.
My doctor has prescribed bed, and some heavy duty antibiotics and I am self medicating with hot tea, macaroons and the series 1,2 and 3 of the always hysterical "IT Crowd".
Take one every three hours!
As revolting as I imagine inside of me looks at present (don't get me started on what I coughed up this morning!) I'm pretty sure my outsides are more disgusting. Weird dry flaky patches of skin have decided to adorn my face and body and my skin has a delightful pale waxy pallor.
image found here
I'm pretty sure this is how I look at the moment.
Fetching huh?
To cheer myself up I am including the cutest sloth video EVER, because nothing makes a person feel better than an adorable sloth aggressively cuddling a cat. Nothing.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pimp my cabinet.

Remember my little blue friend that I liberated from a Vinnies' charity shop.
So sad. So lonely. So blue.
Well, he has finally had a little makeover with a bit of paint to add some zing....
 and ta dah!
 Park your peepers on him now.
Let me tell you, I couldn't be happier. Or prouder.
I spent most a public holiday weekend pimping him out (and perhaps getting a bit high from the enamel paint fumes - damn that stuff is whack!)
Although the cabinet has flaws (yes little bug that has somehow become entombed in the surface  I'm talking to you!), but all of the imperfections give it charm and character. And I'd rather drink the paint than do more coats to fix any of the issues, so full of "character" it is.
And can I rave about the colour.
Oooohhhh, I jut adore it!
It is so energising; so fresh. It just pops like crazy against our newly painted white walls.
Now before you go thinking I'm a crack DIY'er with all my skill and expertise and many hours of prepping, cleaning and painting this bad boy, I did call a furniture spray company just to enquire about the price of spraying before I had tackled my lovely.
Are you sitting down?
They quoted almost $900 freaking dollars.
How crazy is that? (That's a whole lot of vintage frocks and hand bags let me tell you!)
So that makes me appreciate my lovingly hand painted turquoise cabinet even more - bugs, brush hairs, streaks and all!
I added some pretty glass handles because a girl has to have some bling and my husband put a new shelf in and drilled some holes in the back for all those messy cords.
And we finally have enough room to store our record collection!
I now have to pull my finger out and get started on the cool shelves I want to hang above my great new TV cabinet. When is the next long week end?
Has any one attempted any cool DIY projects lately?