Monday, 23 September 2013

Some days are made for play.

Some days are just not heel and fancy hair days.
Some days are more  suited for comfy boots and pony tails.
With both kids home on school term break I needed some good romping clothes.
Today's ensemble of op shopped purple cardi (I finally found one!), my Dangerfield  checked skirt and the softest purple leather op shopped boots, was perfectly suited for a day filled with long walks, lunch out, so-bad-they-are-good movies and a glorious scavenger hunt in the park.
There was collecting of treasures for the hunt, climbing trees, basking in the beautiful sunshine and general  childish shenanigans. You know, good fun!
My leaps were somewhat less impressive than the little fella's.
It has been a wonderful day of living in the moment and enjoying each others company.
And with stunning blue skies overhead the day was just made for play!


  1. your babies are adorable! (I get told off for saying 'babies' but to me they are! even my 19 year old is still my baby!) Little Miss is rocking her accessorised hat! and Mama is looking fabulous, that skirt is especially yummy x x great day out and loads of fun x x

    1. They will always be our babies won't they? We did have a great day. It is so nice to just pretend to be a kid sometimes ( or most of the time even!) XXX

  2. That looks like a wonderful day! Beautiful kiddiwinks, super-stylish mama, and checks with purple - perfect! xxxx

    1. Thanks, it was a lovely, relaxed day. And a splash of purple can only ever improve a day, so it turned out to be pretty perfect! XXX