Sunday, 15 September 2013

Chordette, pretty little pet Chordette

Now, I love my husband.
Don't get me wrong, he is a sweet dear man.
But good lawd he is horrible to take shopping! Terrible!
He can usually drain all of the fun out of a shopping trip in about three seconds flat.
He is usually grumbling and moaning, pointedly looking at the time and trying to hurry me along as soon as we step through a stores doorway.
But that is okay. I have come to terms with my husbands deep aversion to shopping and usually avoid situations where we must shop together.
Yet strangely, on Saturday, I found myself traipsing around the stores with my beloved, with a few hours up our sleeves unfettered by children. (They were getting their Smurf on with friends
 at the cinema's).
And even more miraculous was the fact that he let me drag him into a vintage store and op shop.
Will wonders never cease! (I think I may have even checked the sky to see if there was a plague of locusts on the horizon, or if it was raining blood, or some other sign that the end was nigh.)
So to my surprise on Saturday, I scored a fab vintage skirt which I am sure will feature soon in an outfit post and this amazing beauty.
Let me introduce you to Chordette , this adorable little Excelsior organ from the late 50's - early 60's.
Yeah, you heard me. It is an organ!
Ain't she purty!
My husband, who inherited his love of music from his Pop, was equally smitten with Chordette, so we just had to bring her home.
And did I mention that the op shop was having a "half price furniture", sale so it was truly
meant to be.
Our new lovely does have some unsightly heat marks (when will people learn to not put hot cups of drinks on wooden furniture?) that I will tackle with the help of youtube and a hot iron, and she does have some wiring issues, but her beauty is undiminished in my eyes.
I think she is pretty good condition for her age even if she doesn't actually work!
And she has become the perfect place to display my AMAZING Barsony lamp that was gifted to me.
Two vintage beauties to brighten up a dull corner!


  1. OMG, I love love LOVE your lamp! Must show G, he'll pee himself over it! Heavenly.
    Great organ (ahem) too!!!
    Men are notoriously dreaful shoppers! G is mostly pretty good....probably because I am pretty quick as a shopper, I don't linger much, even when on my own! XXX

    1. Hope G didn't pee himself or you had towels handy. I do love the lamp, and was pretty chuffed when my husbands Gran gave it to me. I think I am pretty good in most shops but in op shops, book shops, and antique/vintage shops you might as well bring a cut lunch and settle in because I will be a looooong time. XXX

  2. you scored well! the lamp is a beauty (great gift) I love having musical instruments around the house (can't play a thing though!)I hope you get it to work, Mr Foxy likes a rummage, I'm a lucky woman!

    1. I love musical instruments around the house too despite my lack of musical talent. My husband has so many guitars, drums, and paraphernalia and he plays so at least someone does actually enjoy the collection. You are a lucky lady having a hubby that is up for a rummage (how did I make that sound smutty?) XXX

  3. Oh yes, she is indeed a beauty, as is the lovely lady lamp on top! Ugh, shopping with my other half is a nightmare, I don't do it if I can possibly avoid it! xxxx

    1. Best idea is indeed just to avoid the situation. But I usually drag him along for some Xmas shopping as why should I be the only one to have to endure the horrors of the festive season shopping frenzy!

  4. Ha, thanks for your comment! Yes, my friend is obsessed, but she gets plenty! I hope she's wiped down those kitchen work surfaces, that's all I'm saying....

  5. oh, the little organ is so lovely ... the perfect shelf ;) (my hubby would play the drums on this cutie, for sure) ... but your gifted barsony lamp is the best piece of this kind i've seen for a while!

    1. Thanks! I do love the lovely lamp and was pretty happy when my husbands Gran gave it to me. Score!