Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Who pea-ed on the floor?

A domestic goddess I am not (no matter how much I try a kid myself!).
I love a sparkling clean home, but I just don.t want to have to go to all the bother of making it so myself. (Hello cleaning fairies, where are you?)
My windows have been unwashed for so long that they are now decorated with lovely lace-like cobweb curtains and the areas under the couches have developed their own eco systems.
It is strange because I am a stickler for organisation and everything being orderly and put away, but actual cleanliness.......nah! I can't be fussed!
So it really didn't come as any surprise that whilst I was taking these pics to show off my new skirt,
I discovered piles of crumbs near the dining table, a blob of jam gathering fluff and  trapping small insects, and this little fella loitering in my posing zone.
A little solitary pea.
As it has been a while since we have actually had peas I can only wonder at the adventures this little guy has been having, rolling around my floor and being scuttled about here there and everywhere.
I gave the wee pea a good talking to and popped him outside to continue his adventures.
Talking of matters besides peas and my domestic ineptitude, don't you just love the print on my new skirt from my shopping day with the husband.
A little orange, green and blue to play around with.
It is a homemade lovely and fits like a dream but I may need to tweak it just a smidge as the pockets sit a little funny (and surely it couldn't be my hips!) and I wouldn't mind it being an inch or two shorter.
It is deliciously light and twirls and dances beautifully.
That pea was very lucky not to get squished with all the prancing that was done.
The skirt comes with its own belt, but I thought my blouse needed a lift and so used the belt as a little neck bow.
Can you see the little pea trying to hide under the sideboard?
So today I have grand plans of giving the floors a good clean, washing piles of laundry, tidying the bedroom.........or I could just watch all of the Arrested Developments that I am catching up on. Hmmmm, choices, choices.
Are you a domestic goddess?
Or do you have strange bits of vegetable matter living in odd corners like me. Go on, share!


  1. I just love that you added the belt to be a bow on your blouse. Perfect! This skirt is just lovely on you and I would consider a wardrobe staple. I do really like this color scheme on you. I don't even want to tell you what maybe under my refrigerator! I always find weird things from the children when I go to clean behind the couches but very rarely do I find money:)

    1. No, never money! I know all about the weird things under and behind couches. I try to just leave mine alone. Out of mind out of sight!

  2. domestic goddess? good grief! my gothic cobwebs are not appreciated in the least and I have corners here and there where stuff builds up, I iron when the laundry pile is above 4ft, sadly it goes on pah! your skirt is exceptionally lovely and the tie and your hair and the flower and the shoes! I would much rather look at you than deal with my domestic 'joy' x x

    1. Thanks! I would rather do anything than have to clean (especially bury myself in blogland). I also refuse to have an ironing pile because that might imply that items may one day be ironed and I DO NOT IRON! XXX

  3. I am neither neat and tidy, NOR clean, so our house is a triple whammy of grottiness. I suspect here are whole meals worth of food lurking on the floors, small creatures living under the furniture, and whole colonies of spiders busily making their cobwebs all over the house. I daren't put my hands down the sides/backs of the sofas, for fear of what I might encounter... The pointless tyranny of housework is NOT for me. So that's that.
    Gorgeous skirt, and using the belt as a ribbon at the neck is an inspired idea. Yes, it would look sweet at knee length, but I like it at this length too, a lovely floofy petticoat would look great underneath it as well. xxxxx

    1. Down with the tyranny! Can't we strike or there be a coup or something? Love the idea about a foofy petticoat underneath the skirt. Genius! XXX

  4. Your skirt has a lovely print, and those shoes!
    No I'm not a domestic goddess, more a domestic slobbess. I hate to be in my tiny cold kitchen and the only housework I enjoy is laundry (God knows what childhood psychological quirk caused that!)