Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Making the grade

I look so tired, even in black and white!
I feel so heartless. So very horrible.
I feel like Cruella Deville's more cruel sister.
I feel like Attila the Huns more barbaric cousin.
I feel like all the evil villains that Scooby Doo and his gang had to reveal, but you know, more evil.
But no matter how bad I feel, the truth remains.
I must do another ruthless cull of my wardrobe!
Some of my pretties must be expelled from their safe, warm, overcrowded little haven, and must be sent to find their own way in the big, scary world.
(Yes, yes, some of my pretties have indeed already lived long lives out in that bad place before, and yes, yes, most of them are older than me, but I still feel for them!)
So I have madly trying on clothes and ruthlessly deciding if they make the grade.
Like this little 60's Miss Deb number that has some identity issues and thinks she may be from the 20's and 40's.
But that is what I loved about her. Her fluttering sleeves, pussy bow, drop waist and layers of skirt, as well as her cool geometric pattern were features that attracted me to her.
But, as I am so often reminded, arses and hips just don't shrink, and this lovely frock kind of clings where her first ruffle begins. Boo hoo!
And can you see the weird way it sits on my hips because it is too snug, where my hands are? No? That because my hands are on the weird bumps and I would have to walk around with my hands on my hips all day. And that wouldn't be fun. How would I drink my tea, and scratch my butt and so on?
So this little lady is one of many which must go.
I will be popping many an item on ebay over the next two weeks and will update you all on what didn't make the grade.

Note - belt and child are not being sold with this dress.
(I could possibly let you borrow the child when she is being particularly trying though.)


  1. I am going through the exact same process. Certain items have annoying little quirks which make you wear them less often, and they just have to go, I'm afraid! It's OK, there are plenty more fish in the sea/dresses in the op shops!
    PS. I have plenty of trying kids of my own, thanks! xxxx

    1. That is a comforting thought - more dresses in the op shops. The more I can clean out, the more new ones I can adopt! But, then that is what got me in to this overcrowded mess!XXX

  2. I'm a brutal one, I can whip through my wardrobe and deem the unsuitable ones unworthy and lash/sell them then I can weep getting rid of the little ones clothes, I keep their pretty, little cute things, and one awful time I sold a tiny-ish cardi, I wrapped it up like a newborn, with my tears all over the tissue paper.....it was a cardi! a cardi!, good luck with the cull, those pretty dresses will be welcomed by grateful people x x

    1. I know the feeling about the little ones duds. I have containers of little outfits that are just too precious to throw away. (Many a tear went into packing them away too!)Thanks for the good wishes on the cull - I will try and think of all my frocks being loved by new owners and all the adventures they will go on. XXX

  3. Yes, I must do as you and dwindle the wardrobe, especially coats. I have a thing for vintage coats and they take up a lot of space:) This is such a great dress, bum deal it doesn't fit quite right but I'm sure you'll find one that does:)

    1. Darn coats - I love them too, but they really do take up way too much room. I will keep searching as that is the fun part any way!