Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Grey skies and a grey dress.

It has cooled down in Melbourne thankfully with the last couple of days bringing rain and grey skies. That's not normally a reason for rejoicing but a reprieve from the relentless heat and muggy, sticky sleepless nights is VERY welcome.
So to celebrate the cooler weather I donned a cardigan, my ruby red hair flowers and did what I do best; op shop!
I wore a great 60's homemade dress that I found in an op shop ages ago for a measly $4.99. The low price may have been due to a rather unfortunate odour issue.
 Phew did it pong !
A trip to the dry cleaners fixed the stink and now I can wear the frock and not fear that people think I may live in a dumpster.
The dress is grey and white striped on top and a lovely dove grey skirt and has a cute little bow at the neck.
I also op shopped my red cardigan with the greatest cable detail.
Actually I'm pretty sure I op shopped everything I had on today except my  unmentionables and hair flowers which I made myself.
And don't I look smug!
I hit Mornington today, which is a beautiful seaside area, but unfortunately it wasn't bursting with goodies . I did walk away with a couple of vintage skirts and another black cardigan. (I have lost count of how many little black cardigans I now own. I'm scared to count because there are probably enough to warrant their own wardrobe) and even a pair of roller skates for my little lady.
I was actually pretty shocked by some of the ridiculous prices in some of the charity shops today. $230 for an vintage fur stole and $700 for a guitar. C'mon people, you're not David Jones!
Can I just tell you how much  I've been missing all my Nana cardy's during summer.
There is nothing more comforting than a cuddly woollen cardigan.

I'm off to be a domestic goddess in the kitchen and am making a delicious quinoa, sweet potatoe, baby spinach and beetroot salad topped with feta.
I have made it before and it is freaking fabulous.

Before I go, let me share a snap of the little lady from the other day.
She was having some issues with her hair on the trampoline.
 Maybe I will have to try her technique to get volume on my flat hair days!


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Betty Lou

I introduced you all to the divine Miss Angelique, and now I have the pleasure of showing off my other Eye Spy treasure, the adorable Betty Lou.
Now Betty Lou isn't one of those high falutin fancy girls like Angelique, no, she's more at home sitting on a porch swing with a glass of home-made lemonade. But isn't she pretty!
She has the loveliest pink and green floral print on a black background, the cutest pockets and pink crochet trim. And let me tell you that she fits like a dream with such a flattering cut.
You know that all a girls needs to accessorise a frock is a luxuriant moustache!
I think the dress is made from a feed sack type cotton and looks to me like its from the late 40's/early 50's. There is no label and is obviously homemade so I have already concocted  a detailed (and romantic) back story about who made the dress and all that the wearer experienced whilst in the dress. Does anyone else do this or is it just me? Its pretty fun let me tell you. There is one frock I have that has a story that involves a love affair between circus performers. And I'm pretty sure I'm spot on with my imagined histories.
I have worn Betty Lou only twice, so I think whist our summer is favouring us with such glorious weather I need to take Betty Lou out for a stroll in the sun.
Hang on Betty Lou - we are going to go make some more memories!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Feeling a little beige

I'm having one of those days today.
You know - everything sucks, nothing goes right, I am sick of everything including myself.
I'm suffering from an advanced case of the bleeuugghhhs.
It's not exactly like the blues, or even like Holly Golightly's mean reds.
It's more like I have the beige's, where everything has lost it's colour. No sparkle, no glitz; everything is bland and boring.
It could just be that I'm feeling ill today with a nasty tummy.
I've spent way too many hours over the last few days stagnating in the doctors waiting room, hunched over in agony, imagining that there is an alien incubating in my abdomen just waiting for the moment until it bursts forth in an explosion of entrails, pus and gore.
Yeah, so being sick makes me lose any sense of perspective that I may have previously had.
By the way, the doctors waiting room is how I imagine hell. Waiting forever with no good magazines or TV, uncomfortable chairs and surrounded by uncaring receptionists, snotty children, vomiting old folk and bleeding construction workers.
To renew my faith that life is not beige, I have been searching for the colour in my life so that I can drench myself in rainbow hues and lift my spirits with zesty shades.

There, I have banished the beige's for a little while, cheered by some happy, bright bits and bobs that live with me.
Reading awesome blogs helps to beat the ghastly blah feeling too.
God, the ladies from Misfits Vintage
 crack me up and damn if those girls don't rock some excellent colour combo's.
What colours are cheering you up?


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mutual weirdness

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love".
-Dr Suess-
I bundled my 8th wedding anniversary, Valentines Day and my husbands birthday into one monumental extravaganza.
OK, so less of an extravaganza and more of a chilled picnic with the kids and great friends.
It seems like soooo long ago that two crazy kids got hitched in the rose garden at the St Kilda Botanical Gardens. And yet I can vividly remember the excitement, and mayhem, and beauty of the day like it was yesterday.
It seemed only fitting that we enjoyed a glorious (and swelteringly hot) Sunday picnic at the gardens, in sight of the rose gardens, where someone else was getting married and beginning their journey together.
We said hello to our old friend and favourite, "Old Frisky", a huge Moreton Bay  fig tree that, as well as being majestic and a wonderful reprieve from the heat, was also enormous fun for my monkeys to climb on.
Because I am such an excellent wife I organised an aerial show as part of my extravaganza.
Yeah right! There was an aerial show and I am an excellent wife so I am claiming that it was all my doing.
We happily gorged, frolicked, romped and talked nonsense before wandering up Acland St, ignoring all the cake shops propositioning me with their delicious baked goods, and heading to Luna Park for some fun
Luna Park has so many great memories for us as well as we had our wedding reception / awesome party at the famous Melbourne landmark.
Eight years ago at Luna Park.
Luna Park today.
And yeah, it was the best reception / party EVER and we were all allowed to ride all the cool rides, except I didn't seem to have enough time as I was busy being a new Mrs, with all the dancing, prancing, posing and partying that that entails.
After returning home we finished a fabulous fun day and trip down memory lane with the most un-freakin-believable Portuguese custard tarts (they deserve their own post so stay tuned) because when my husband and I staggered up to our room after our wedding party, exhausted and ravenous because we hadn't had time to eat much during the evening, and unwrapped a platter my Mum had pushed into my hands. Only to discover it was full of.... you guessed it......Portuguese custard tarts. So every time I eat one I remember giggling in my beautiful dress, stuffing tarts into my mouth.
Good times. Great memories.
Here is what I wore eight years ago.
Now I couldn't wear the same frock again to the same place so this is what I wore today instead.
Dress - op shopped, hand made and fits like a dream.
Bag - op shopped and doesn't fit much but looks cute.
Hair flowers - made by me.
 I haven't changed at all in eight years have I?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I gave my love a chicken... it had no bones....

Image found here.
Happy Valentines Day to all!
How adorable are these vintage Valentines?
Image found here
I can feel my blood sugar level soaring just looking at these sweet little notes.
Image found here
As cute as they all are, they don't compare to the wonderful card I received today.
(Hang on people, it looks like we are going to get mushy around here!)
Park your peepers on possibly the best Valentines card EVER.
How freakin' awesome is that card? I know, right.
I am loving the Freddy Krueger hands and my excellent dress, not to mention the image of our little dog is spot on. And the card is for the whole family, so no-one is left out.
So, you can keep your champagne and diamonds, your romantic moonlit walks and your gazillions of red roses because my Valentines Day rocked!
It's all about feeling the love and I don't really think it matters from who.
It could be your Great Aunt Glad, your postman Phil or the guy who works in the butchers.
 Happy Be Nice To Others And Feel The Love Day!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Chick rock rules!

Image found here.
I am nursing a bit of a sore head today ( I think little birds have made a their home in my noggin because it feels like it is stuffed with straw and the wee creatures are flapping madly about in there) after a great night of eating, catching up with friends, amazing music, general carousing, and OK, a fair bit of tippling.
We went to see some bands at The Tote in Collingwood after a quick walk through Melbourne.
Melbourne is full of lanes with the most amazing art.
I am going to sound like a total groupie/stalker, but can I gush about one of the bands we caught,
The Sure Fire Midnights, who knocked my socks off.
Image found here
 Damn those chicks rocked!
 Huge sexy vocals, ripping guitar riffs and awesome beats had everyone grooving and loving it!
The girls from The Sure Fire Midnights all hail from Perth and I already have plans to catch them at Cherry Rock. You can find out more about the fantastic ladies on their site and have a listen to their amazing tracks.
 Be prepared to rock out!
What better outfit to dance the night away in than a cute cherry print frock from Dangerfield.
Have you caught any great bands lately?