Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New specs and new sleeves.

Just a note to say I FINALLY got new glasses and now am noticing so many details that I couldn't really see before.
Was the floor always so dirty?
Have there always been those cobwebs in the corner of the lounge?
Was the stitching I did on this dress always so wonky?
Ahhh, maybe 'tis better to live in my blurry haze!
I do love this dress though, because there are so many colours to match with and now that I finally hacked off the offending sleeves I am finding the dress much more me.
See - new sleeves! This length is infinitely better.
Oh, and in case you could miss it..... pussy bow perfection!
Do you like my new specs? Don't I look smarter?
I just love the shape and that little star burst sparkle at the corners.
I bit the bullet and ordered my new lovelies through the on line store, Eye Buy Direct.
It was incredibly easy, wonderfully quick, and best of all, fabulously cheap!
After scouring shops and wincing at the $300-$400 price tags, I ordered my glasses (with all the extras like anti scratch and anti glare) in my prescription for about $70. Huzzah!
More money to spend on vintage dresses, capelets and bags!
And talking of frocks and capelets, my new specs and I headed over to the Waverley Bazaar and because of my improved eyesight, spotted some pretties. Which I had to buy because I'd saved money on my glasses. Of course!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

A fabulous 40's find

There I was, all dirty hair and red cape, just minding my business at the Savers 50% off sale
when it happened.
Something I had heard of only in vintage blog land yarns.
Something I had thought was mere fantasy, vintage urban myth, possibly even a fairy tale.
Something I had yearned for and dreamt about and hoped for.
(Drum roll please.......)
I found a divine 1940's dress in immaculate condition!!!!!!
So we danced to celebrate such a momentous occasion!
Oh what a beauty she is with her gold sequined leaf design around the beautifully draped neck.
And she has the sweetest peplum and side detail.
Such a cut and crepe that hangs like a dream.
And I could gush about the sleeves all day long but I wont, I will just show you all a few more pics of my new love.
I had to lighten the photo's as I just can not capture black properly.
After dancing with my lovely and generally faffing about, I did try her on.
OK so we had some issues there.
My new frock obviously doesn't love me as much as I love her and I may have to have some kind of experimental hip, thigh, and butt removal surgery for me to fit into her (damn those narrow hipped, no junk in the trunk gals of yesteryear!).
Despite the not fitting the bottom half of me problem I adore my new dress and am still amazed I found it at an op shop for such a ridiculous price and I got thinking about my best vintage buys and where I usually score great vintage lovelies.
For me, my purchases can be narrowed down to 5 categories;
1. Op shop (obviously my fave place!)
2. Antique/vintage shop
3. Markets
4. Gifts from people
5. Ebay/Etsy
So I thought that each week I might bring you some snaps of my fave vintage treasures from all of the above.
How about you? Where do you find your vintage beauties from?
(I am ashamed to say that this modern op shopped dress cost more than my 40's frock! What is going on in this mixed up crazy world!)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Black velvet if you please...

(Oh my God, I can't believe I just quoted  "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles in my title.
That song drives me nuts because if I hear it then it then gets stuck on repeat in my head until I feel like I am going to stab myself in the ear with a knitting needle just to make it stop.
And yet, get me at a party or at the pub after a few bevvies and I am so busting out my moves on the dance floor, belting out the bloody song with everyone else who grew up  in the 90's. Go figure.)
 I have had Little Miss home sick with an ear infection and a major case of the grizzles and grumps.
(Understandable. I would be grumpy too. In fact I have been grumpy, possibly in sympathy.)
So instead of all the terribly exciting, high society type things that normally make up my life (I can dream!), I have been schlepping around home, entertaining a miserable and moody little madam and watching endless kids movies.
(My fave is still Coraline. Her fave is The Mummy. Yeah, we may have some issues to deal with later but girlfriend really digs scary flicks.)
I did reach several points where I had the stir crazies and thought that if I didn't leave my little house I would go mental and begin spouting lines from Labyrinth whilst pretending to be a little tea pot.
But it also could have been op shop withdrawal.
So when I was able I made up for my time away and have found some great lovelies that have all quickly become wardrobe staples.
How did I live without my new to me black velvet vintage Skirtmaster skirt? I don't know either.
It fits like a dream and twirls in such a  satisfactory manner. And hello! Half price! So a piddly $ 3.50 was spent on a total winner.
And then lo and behold, I found a matching vintage, possibly German, black velvet jacket with the most amazing trim around the neck (what is that trim called?) and down the jacket closure, a nipped in waist and a little peplum. Be still my heart!
I have dreamt about adorable jackets like this and can't wait for some slightly warmer weather so I can go parade my new beauty in all of its velvety plushness.
As well as all of my velvet goodness I happened to pick up a few more bags. Because I totally need more bags.
In my defence these ones were in the half price bin at an op shop and are in such delicious gelati shades that will be perfect with spring and summer frocks. Because eventually it will be summer again. Right?
Excuse me while I have a moment with my bags.
I have already taken the blue one and green one out and they performed wonderfully and added some much needed colour to a couple of outfits.
I love how accessories can make such a difference.
(And that is all the justification I need to buy more bags!)
(And more brooches and hair flowers!)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

A night of leopard, laughs and an amazing lady.

After the turmoil and stress at work lately, boy did I need a night out!
And so on Friday, after a loooooong day at work, I slapped on some more war paint and dressed myself in my fave vintage leopard print coat for a night out with great friends.
 A cute mustard bag and some op shopped bangles that I kid myself are Bakelite finished the look. (They could be!)
This coat is seriously fantastic. With such a luxurious black faux fur collar and cuffs and the softest leopard fur it makes me feel like a rock star whenever I wear it.
Of course I was a little worse for wear after getting rained on all night but I was still toasty warm.
My hair didn't much like the rain either but by the time I noticed I had already imbibed a few bevvies and wasn't caring too much! Hooray!
Whenever the husband and I get together with our mates MUCH, MUCH laughter ensues. And usually some crazy hi jinks. And more laughter. Then some shenanigans. Then more laughter.
Funny things just happen when we are all together.
And Friday night was no different.
We headed to The Corner in Richmond to shake off the week.
In amongst all the silliness and immaturity intelligent philosophical discussions we managed to catch the AMAZING Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes.
Oh my, were this band bloody brilliant!
With the sexy undulations of the back up dancers/singers, the very cool sax sounds and the unbelievable voice of the sultry Miss Browne herself, it was an unforgettable show.
We were shimmying and shaking along with the music all night and from the look of the rest of the crowd, they couldn't help but move and groove as well. It was just the kind of music!
Yes I may still have a wee bit of a sore head today, but I got to laugh and drink and dance my worries away. And I got to wear leopard whilst I did it.
I count that as an awesome night!
Has anyone caught any great bands lately?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tickled pink

I appear to be going through a pink phase.
 I just can't get enough of the colour.
And I was absolutely tickled pink to finally find a skirt I can wear with this adorable pussy bow blouse I op shopped ages ago.
Ummm, so yes I do have a couple of grey skirts I have op shopped but when I get them home and try them on again they just didn't look right. We have all been there haven't we?
But I struck grey gold with this Fletcher Jones wool number from my therapeutic zen time at Savers on Sunday.
I did start the day with even more pink on with my vintage cardi from my Drouin  op shopping adventure which has been given  a strenuous work out this week and worn a few times already, and a little pink satin bag that usually lives in the dress up cupboard but was begging to be worn with my other pink lovelies. The day was so mild though that I could do without the cardi during most of the day.
Yep, I am pretty excited by that pussy bow!
So excited I have to give you a close up.
This is the Little Miss enjoying herself during my little photo shoot.
What a pose!
 (Is it part of the bird dance? Or a strange self imposed nipple cripple?)
I love that cheeky tongue popping out!
No I'm not gazing dreamily into the distance.
I am wondering what the hell my daughter is doing!
It appears she was having some wardrobe issues and kept toppling from the lofty heights of my heels.
She was pretty happy when she mastered stomping walking demurely.
And then we got a bit silly, had a bit of a dance and chased each other around the house, squealing.
As you do!
I am also absolutely tickled pink about being nominated by the lovely Joanna from
 Diving Vintage Moments  for a Liebster Award.
 Joanna has a vintage wardrobe that I would love to raid and I love to check out her blog for vintage inspiration.
I am busy answering Joanna's questions and checking out some fab blogs to pass the nomination on to.
Thanks so much Joanna!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

When life gives you lemons, make lemon meringue pie!

The universe has hit me with an enormous metaphorical cream pie.
Splat! Right on the kisser!
Huge changes at work and LOTS of people possibly losing their jobs means that my workplace has been a bit bleak and there are some very anxious and sad people.
There have been tantrums, tirades and tears .
And that has just been me! In one morning!
Life looks a little cheerier at the moment because if I have learnt anything in the many years I have been on this world, it is that things happen for a reason.
So I am going to put away the box of tissues and bottle of vodka, do some re-training, update my skills, put my future in the hands of the universe and hope for the best!
(Gosh I sound so philosophical!)
During the last week of turmoil and upheaval I have found solace in a few things.
I have discovered that cake makes everything better and have been baking up a storm to cheer my work mates up. The medicinal and healing properties of cheesecake is truly amazing!
I have also discovered that playing with puppies lifts the spirit no end.
A teacup Chihuahua named Possum and a baby Fox terrier named Pippa have been giving me lots of furball loving. You can't be down when a little puppy is squirming and wriggling in your lap and you are covered in little doggy kisses.
And believe it or not I was delighted to discover that my pink thrifted vintage cardi goes perfectly with my vintage dress with its pretty pink flowers.
Yeah I know, not a major thing, but it is the little things that are getting me through!
I was so happy to realise that I could winter-fy this summer frock with some extra layers, and tights.
And the little-uns have been cheering me with their smiles and cuddles and distracting me with their bickering and general crazy shenanigans.
And now I am off to visit one of my happy places, a place I can meditate and be at one with the universe - Savers op shop! There is no therapy like retail therapy!
How do you stay sane when life gets tricky?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Seeing spots

Many moons ago I bought this Dangerfield skirt.
With its gorgeous red colour, cute 40's style, pockets and polka dot pattern, it was a complete no brainer and fast became a wardrobe staple.
 Nothing goes better with red than black in my books.
Throw in a little white and it becomes the perfect combo.
And my AMAZING red op shopped bag made an appearance in the ensemble today too.
This bag was a ridiculous $ 7 and in perfect condition and I don't think I can rave and gush enough about it. It is shiny and perfectly formed and makes me oh so happy. Love, love, love!
But back to the skirt.
I adored it so much, that of course, I had to buy the black and white version as well. Well duh!
So this past weekend I wore my op shopped purple pussy bow cardi with the same black and white skirt. And yeah, I love the black and white style just as much as the red and white.
 My new to me purple mary jane wedges went on their maiden voyage so I could add a bit more matchy matchy purple, but unfortunately I have discovered that they are terribly uncomfortable.
I am not giving in though. I will persevere with  wearing them and hopefully they will become a bit more foot friendly with time.
 (Or  I will get some horrendous infection from blisters and my feet will fall off! Can that happen?)
I have had a little peek into my wardrobe and have realised that these skirts are not the only polka dotted beauties I own. I also have 4 more spotty skirts, 5 tops with spots, 3 dresses with dots and various jackets and accessories in the pattern too!
So the conclusion I must come to is that I am mad for polka dots.
I am dotty for dots!
Making the most of some winter sunshine in my spotty state. Glorious!
Did everyone have a good weekend?

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Questions in a world of blue


For a girl who never ever used to wear blue  I am sporting a lot of the shade in this outfit.
Well its a lot for me any way!
I seem to be really drawn to blues at the moment and have recently op shopped a cobalt blue blouse, this St Michaels wrap skirt with its fab diamond pattern in cobalt and aqua,
amazing vintage cobalt gloves with the sweetest ruched wrist embellishment,
and this funky 60's (?) Susan Parsins frock with a pussy bow.
Yep, I am a sucker for a pussy bow!
But look at how cool the geometric pattern is with its rectangles and spheres of blues, greens and pinks.
I am going to have to do some sort of refashioning of the sleeves and perhaps shorten them as I just can't handle them as is. (And yet as I  shiver through winter I curse not having more long sleeves!)
I have long held an abhorrence of navy blue on myself ( I just have too many bad memories of ugly school and work uniforms in navy) and feel like the colour does nothing for me.
But slowly I am trying to introduce some non navy blues into  my wardrobe.
Isn't it funny how we steer away from shades for so long and then suddenly decide to be brave and welcome them into the wardrobe.
Just look at how proud and smug I look!
What's next for me? Orange? Brown?
As I have been writing this I have had the Julee Cruise song, "Questions in a World of Blue" from Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me stuck in my head so  I am going share with you so we can all have it on replay in our heads together!
Does anyone else have any self enforced colour rules of what they can and can't wear?