Monday, 24 June 2013

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Some weekends start of so normally, full of the loved and the everyday.
Freezing cold mornings at my sons football game.
Feeding ducks.
Playing in the park.
Laundry. Cleaning. Cooking.
You know...the usual.
And then the weekend takes a little detour and.... KABAM!
I am trying to seize every opportunity that comes my way and create some amazing memories so when a chance to be in a music video came up I quickly signed myself, my husband and my son up.
 Oh and did I mention we would be zombies.
Getting all gory and revolting  by professional make-up artists was a real hoot.
Every person  (I mean zombie) had a different look as if a different horrible death had befallen them.
My husband had some particularly nasty looking wounds. It looked like someone had taken some good bites out of him!
And the little fella was pretty happy with his scary countenance.
He had the whole undead thing down pat.
He was so convincing that the director featured him in a few scenes.
I just looked like I had had a really big Saturday night. Actually I think in the old days I may have looked a sight worse than this as I stumbled out of the clubs at dawn.
There were some genuinely petrifying zombies.
We certainly created a stir when we were filming the alley and car park scenes.
We had such a wonderful experience and were all fascinated by the creative make up artists and the intricacies of filming a video clip.
I can't wait to see the clip when it has been edited and polished and will  fill everyone in when it is all completed and ready to be viewed.
So not the usual Sunday but we thoroughly enjoyed  our day of zombie shenanigans!


  1. That makeup looks amazing! What was the video? Do tell us, so we can keep an eye out, or post it when it's out. Your son is a frighteningly good zombie! xxxx

  2. Will definitely link to the video when it is out. I think my son looked fantastic and although he was a little nervous about all of the new people and camera's in his face he soon really got into the zone and became a bloody good zombie! Strangely he wasn't that concerned about all of the undead dripping gore around him! XXX