Friday, 14 June 2013

A Leona lovely and braving the rain.

The frock drought has broken!
Melbourne has been a sodden, rainy mess this past week, but I braved the rain to do some hard core op shopping. I hit 'em all. Hard!
I found this amazing Leona dress with so many pretty colours dancing across a black background at Savers and I was instantly smitten. I thought the $10 price tag was pretty good for a designer label, especially since a very el-cheapo brand dress was the same price.
It is a little roomy but cinched in with a belt I'm pretty happy with it.
And there are so many colours I can choose from to match with.
When I first took it for a spin I was in a blue mood and teamed it with blue tights, blue belt and blue hair flowers. ( I am really trying to break my "no blue" rule)
You can kind of see the array of shades. Kind of. Take my word for it I have a plethora of choices to match with.
I unearthed this great 70's doing 40's  Dorsam dress that has had a little wash and is in need of a little mend before she has her debut. Again, some great colours on a black back ground .
 (Are we seeing a trend here?)
Not my normal style or colour at all, with its shades of browns and nudes in a late 50's/60's  cut, but after trying it on I was sold. And seeing that it had been reduced down to $3-50, well that just sealed the deal!
Such a cute little bow!
I think what really won me over was the fact that it is clearly handmade and has a name sewn on to it. I am such a sucker for homemade dresses because I imagine that so much love and hope has gone into the making of them. (And I am too lazy busy to make all the dresses I want to make!)
I'm being drawn to warm and cosy skirts with our freezing weather at the moment so this Town and Country pure wool pleated skirt was a sure thing when I saw its $ 3 price tag.
Another pair of leather nana shoes. These ones will be fab for summer.
(If I buy things for summer now will I make it come sooner?)
And now my prize for the week.
I can't tell you how excited I was to spy this lovely in the cabinet of the Savers.
I may have been shaking when I tried her on.
Black velvet! Pearls! Intact netting veil!
I never find good vintage hats in my op shop travels, so I felt pretty lucky.
And I have just the occasion to wear this Ultra Hat concoction coming up. Huzzah!
So despite  returning home very wet and cold and looking like a drowned rat I felt triumphant and oh so happy with my goodies.
Have you had any great finds this week?


  1. That brown handmade dress is just divine.

  2. I know! I love the style, and just need to be brave and wear it. Embrace the brown!

  3. Love all the dresses, but the little velvet and pearl hat is really beautiful. xxx

  4. Isn't it a darling! Can't wait to wear it to the theatre soon. Am going to see King Kong and am very bloody excited! XXX

  5. Hot damn those dresses are cool!!!

  6. looooove the hat. such a great find!!!