Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I'm dreaming of glasses and hats.

How is it that I just have to put on glasses and I feel more intelligent?
I'm sure my vocabulary increased just peering through these specs.
I'm on the hunt for some new glasses so have been searching on the web and in shops for some pretty cats eye styles. I have seen some gorgeous vintage lovelies but am not sure about the whole getting new lenses in old frames dilemma.
Any recommendations?
I was also feeling a 50's college vibe today with my toasty warm red (and recently thrifted) cardi, plaid skirt and my adorable oxford style heels.
Whenever I wear red I  realise how much I adore the vibrant shade and vow to never stop wearing the colour.  Red is just so versatile, so rich and always gives me a lift.
As well as faffing about with glasses imagining myself to be a mid century university student  I have been having a grand old time playing with some flowers and ribbons and attempting to create some vintage style hats.
It was lucky the flowers were red because I'm pretty sure I added more than a little blood with all of my finger pricking!
I found a great tutorial for a vintage style headband in the always inspiring Mollie Makes magazine and have been whipping up heaps of these ribbon rosettes in an array of hues.
I went on a hot glue frenzy and made this crazy number for a Mad Hatters Tea party at work.
I probably won't be wearing this one out!
(What is funny is that people were complimenting me on how pretty the hat was but as I am deathly afraid of butterflies all I could think of was that I had those revolting creatures hovering
around me. Uuuugggghhh!)
One day I will fulfil a dream by completing a millinery course and will actually learn how to make vintage hats. And I will wear a different hat every day!
Until then I can have fun playing with pretty flowers and trying not to give myself third degree burns with the hot glue gun.


  1. O, yes, glasses definetly make a girl look more intelligent, and I'm living proof!!!
    Love that red floral number,and the rosettes!
    Those pix on the wall are rather special too!!!

    1. Thanks! The pix are great aren't they? They have all been collected and created over time but I particularly love all of my Sylvia Ji pictures (she paints stunningly scary women and I have a thing for her day of the dead ladies!)XXX

  2. Your glasses really suit you. And so does red and black, always a classic combination. Go to the top,of the class! xxx

    1. Thanks!I just love red and black -it is classic isn't it? XXX

  3. I agree red suits you lovely:) How funny about the butterflies! You are courageous to dive into your fears:) I see patterns for vintage hats on ebay. I think there is even a recent one from Vogue based upon retro patterns. I'm sure this would help out:) How fun to make your own hats! I bet it would also be great fun to scout out vintage millinary supplies. I have some red flowers I've been meaning to do something with.

    1. Thanks! I must look out for some of those vintage hat patterns and give one a try because I just adore vintage hats but don't always have the cash to fund my obsession. Have a little play with your red flowers - it is surprising what a gal can do with a hot glue gun!

  4. I'm with you - I look at butterflies and think "beautiful", then I remember I am afraid of moths, and a butterfly is just a glorified moth!

    1. Yep, they may look pretty but deep down butterflies and moths are one and the same! Uuuggghhh, I just hate those powdery flappy creatures!