Thursday, 20 June 2013

Do not look directly at my boobs

It looks like a perfectly unassuming dress doesn't it?
I've featured it before on this blog here and did not encounter anything odd.
But I wore it today and was happily admiring how much hot pink I was able to throw on with my grey and white 60's frock and so had a bit of a photo shoot after a long day of errands and odd jobs.
And then I noticed something.
(Actually several things. Like how did my hair go so frizzy? Wassup with that? Just look at all those weird fly away bits that appear to be trying to float away from my scalp.)
I observed an odd optical illusion around my chest region.
Its starting to morph here....
and here...
I'm a little concerned that all day I have been traipsing around my local area unaware that I have a strange hypnotic pattern dancing on my boobs.
So I'm just warning you all. Avert your eyes people!
 For your own safety, do not look directly at my boobs!
On another note, I am in the process of doing a HUGE wardrobe purge and am listing lots of vintage, and retro clothing so will do another post tomorrow with some pics of the lovelies that have to leave my overcrowded nest and links so if anyone is interested, stay tuned.
Stand down hair, damn you!




  1. Haha, perfect post title! ;) You still look very nice, and your hair too :)

  2. Hard case! Very cool swirly action! Great outfit, and I think you're hair looks awesome..

  3. such a fun post title ... i had to look ;)
    lovely dress and a lovely hair do.

  4. Well, since you said not to look, I am mesmerised, of course, can't look away! I think it's a trick of the camera, don't worry. Or maybe the dress really does have mind-altering hypnotic powers... You look lovely, including your hair! xxxx

    1. I didn't notice anyone entranced (no more than usual, he he!)or behaving like a chicken so am hoping it was just a trick of the camera. Thanks for the compliment! XXX