Thursday, 6 June 2013

Oops, I did it again!

I wasn't meaning to look in the new local vintage shop.
I wasn't meaning to even go near the back wall of bags.
I wasn't meaning to pick up this hand bag.
I wasn't meaning to caress it and stroke it.
I wasn't meaning to fall in love with it.
But I did all of the above.
And this absolutely beautiful 50's tapestry bag came home with me.
But isn't she lovely!
Lets admire her a little more, shall we.
I have wanted a vintage tapestry bag for the longest time and this one has the greatest pansy design and best colours and is so well made. (Am I gushing? I think I may be!)
She does have a few issues with her lining but I am hoping to patch or sew the few holes and let her sing again. If anyone has any tips on lining repair please share!
Despite caving in to the lure of my sweet new bag, I was terribly strong and said a resounding "NO" to the adorable black capelet. Will of iron !
I did however spy the BEST 50's jacket I have ever seen. No, really! So my new vintage shop may soon become both my new worst enemy and my new best friend.
(Sigh! Sigh!)
I felt a bit Parisian today with my knit beret and darling capelet, but the more I look at these pics the more I am not liking myself with the hat. I look kind of...bald. Or something.
Oh well, you live and you learn.
And having a blog and scrutinising yourself is a great way to weed out the looks that just don't work for you.
I am going to persevere with the beret and try and wear it a bit differently next time. Maybe with my hair down. Or a brighter colour hat perhaps. (Stay tuned on that terribly exciting topic.)
Have you ever tried a different look that just didn't work but you really wanted it to?


  1. OMG, it's GORGEOUS!!!!
    Love LOVE that bag. AND the capelet!! SQUEE!
    You lucious, lucky thing! XXX

  2. O, yeah, I try different looks ALL the time! XXX

  3. I felt pretty bloody lucky about that bag - I even managed to get him down a bit with the price. Huzzah! XXX

  4. Well, I can totally see why you had to have that beauty of a bag - it's lovely, and a great size.
    Oh I really agree about photos telling a different story from the mirror about outfits - sometimes worse, sometimes better. Blogging has been very interesting in that respect, made me a little more objective. Sometimes the photos make me do a complete rethink! xxx