Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What ever happened to relaxing on the weekend?

After a mammoth night on Friday, having gawked and gandered at the Gatsby Soiree and then hitting a couple of pubs on the way home to ensure we got the most mileage out of all of our finery ( ha ha, didn't we get some funny looks!), it was absolutely necessary to slow down the pace a bit and hang out with my wee clan on the weekend.
I am fast realising that weekends aren't for relaxing anymore.
Gone are the days of waking up at midday, enjoying a leisurely cup of tea and a read in bed followed by a traipse around a market. (Oooohhhh, doesn't that sound like a heavenly day!)
Now we try and fit in as much as we can, and wring every ounce of enjoyment out of the time we get to spend together.
Despite the weekends not being a time to rest up and relax, I am loving that they are now a great time to spend time and catch up with the ones I love best. (Although I still think a bloody sleep in isn't too much to ask!!!)
So last weekend was spent going to my sons football matches,
(Yes two! Saturday and Sunday! Both at 9am!)
puddle play with the little Miss,
and roller skating with the little fella.
As usual I had sooo much fun at the roller skating rink that I almost felt guilty.
I mean, should a lady of mature years be loving the freedom, the wild abandon,the exhilaration , the speed quite so much? I think I love it more than my son!
I was pretty happy to see that there were quite a few adults on the rink and I wasn't the only one letting my inner child get the best of me.
So today, on my day off, I was finally able to catch up on all of the menial and mundane aspects of every day life like cleaning, grocery shopping, baking and general Super-Mumness.
And this is what I wore whilst undertaking the trivial but necessary mundane jobs.
A splash of green to liven up the classic black and white.
Of course  the op shopped coat and fur collar had to be worn this morning because it was foggy, drizzly and cold.
Unfortunately more boring tasks await before bed, so I must be off.
Hurry up Queen's Birthday long weekend!