Monday, 10 June 2013

I'd like to be..under the sea...

I used to want to be a mermaid.
All gorgeous and sexy with my long flowing hair and shell bra.
But then I realised I would have to eat raw fish and sea weed and the like and I'm not a fan of sushi despite continuously trying to like it. Mermaids don't have the option of popping in to a Subway when they get the munchies do they?
And I am really not comfortable swimming with all of the scary/slimy/bitey creatures in the sea.
So being a mermaid was really not a great career choice for me and I'm OK with that now.
Whilst not wanting to cavort with all of the strange and beautiful underwater creatures, I do love admiring (and occasionally recoiling from) them.
And so we took the little 'uns  to the Melbourne Aquarium on Saturday.
We oohhed and ahhed over the adorable sea horses and sea dragons.
Were a little too scared to get hands on with the creatures.
Clowned around as only young boys can.
Posed in giant jaws (as you do!).
And were absolutely mesmerised by the sharks and sting rays swimming around and over us.
Who could not love the cute little penguins who appeared just as interested in us as we were of them!
After careful consideration I chose a frock with gorgeous blues, green , and aqua for our marine adventure.
 Is it wrong to try and match the underwater creatures?
I don't think so either!
We all had a wonderful day and I didn't once wish I could turn into a mermaid.
I'm sure mermaids don't get cuddles like these!


  1. The perfect outfit choice - gorgeous seascape colours! And no shell bra, which I think would be ever so uncomfortable...
    Lovely pics, I do like an aquarium. And your kids are sooooo cute! xxxx

    1. You are so right, a sea shell bra would be horribly uncomfortable. (Normal bra's are bad enough!)The aquarium was great fun and yet serene at the same time. Thank you, I think my kids are bloody cute too! And during the aquarium visit I didn't once want to feed them to the sharks!

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog:) I look forward to following yours;) I just love seahorses. I'd actually love a dress with seahorses on...amazing creatures!

    1. A sea horse dress would be fantastic! So beautiful and serene to watch too.