Monday, 17 June 2013

The echoing green...

I adore autumn with its mild days, chilly nights and that crisp tang in the air.
I love the colours of autumn and watching the gorgeous colour changes in beautiful old trees, before the leaves finally  get caught by the wind and spin down to earth.
 Is there anything more satisfying than stomping through crackling and crunchy fallen leaves?
After moving to our suburb a few years ago, I discovered that autumn kind of misses us  by here.
We are surrounded by lots of tree with a park in front of my house and land behind us, but these are filled with Australian native gum trees and although I feel lucky that I always have so much green around me, I do miss all of those exquisite autumnal shades.
But now winter has well and truly arrived I am very thankful for all of the greenery and am so happy not to have bare and naked trees all around.
My little clan love nothing more than slipping on the gumboots and "bush bashing", a wonderful Aussie past time that involves traipsing through various scrubby bits of land and imagining ourselves explorers or early settlers. We can lose ourselves for hours following narrow dirt tracks and
pushing our way through tea tree and eucalypts.
We eventually find our way home, tired, muddy and usually  covered in scratches from our adventures, but always happy.
And echoing all the green from our bush bash, is my wonderful newly op shopped woollen skirt.
It is a Trent Nathan circle skirt in the most delicious shade of green.
Being a circle skirt it is just made for twirling!
I wore it today and added a sweet little berry coloured scarf/ascot thingy that a friend at work kindly gave me. It was just the ticket to spice up the outfit and warm me up.
So snuggly and such a pretty shade.
I have the pattern and want to make a ton of these in every colour.
I just have to try a decipher exactly what the bloody pattern is saying!


  1. That's a beautifully autumnal skirt - yes, twirling is The Law! xxx

  2. And it would be WRONG of us not to twirl. I like your way of thinking! XXX