Saturday, 1 June 2013

Getting my Gatsby on.

What a night!
With much excitement I donned my beaded frock, feathers and, of course, Barry my furry warm buddy, and together with a favourite gal pal  we hit the ritzy Malvern Town Hall for the
 Gatsby Winter Soiree.
Melbourne thought it would get a little head start on the winter weather putting on a fine display of thunder, lightening and LOTS of rain to contend with but we arrived only a bit late but very soggy.
(Note to self; rain is not kind to feathers, fur and heavy eye makeup!)
Amazing vintage cars greeted us at the entrance, but I couldn't really appreciate their beauty because I was too busy gawking at the plethora of divine frocks, dashing men and beautiful people.
Soooo many stunning dresses with many appearing to be true vintage with intricate beading and fancy details. I think I got whip lash from suddenly turning my head too fast  to spy on outfits and I lost count of how many times we exclaimed "Oooohhh, look at that one!"
Frock envy was rampant!
We drooled over amazing  furs, stylish 20's suits on the gents and some of the hair styles and head adornments were just breath taking.
We were so impressed by how much effort everyone had gone to and it was wonderful to see young and old, dames and swells all partying in the 20's spirit.
The bands were brilliant and the music so infectious that we all couldn't stay off the dance floor.
There were some fantastic dancers wearing out the floor, shimmying and shaking their chasis' with wild abandon.
It was great being able to have a little shop with some vintage stalls, but I think what I loved most about the night was people watching. (Sorry if I snapped anyone without their permission, but I couldn't resist capturing how pretty everyone looked!)
Whilst the night was great fun I did have a few grumbles. (Don't I always!)
I was really looking forward to sampling some fancy Gatsby inspired cocktails, but the wait for a drink was about 20 minutes and they didn't have any lovely fancy drinks to speak of. No swanky giggle water! What! At a soiree! And so I had to drink a cider - eeeuuuwwww.
And I wish that the dancing displays were on the stage because little old short me had no chance of seeing the excellent moves.
I tend to dress in a more 1950's style but I did enjoy pulling together my1920's ensemble entirely from op shop finds and throwing in a couple of me-made pretties to jazz it up. I felt like the bees knees in my darling black beaded frock (Target! Who would have thought!), 1960's burnt orange sheer jacket, Barry my faux fur and my so very comfy nana shoes. I made my necklace and feather headpiece to match the vibrant colour in my jacket.
What do you think?
Dizzy Dora or the Cats Meow?


  1. Oh the cat's miaow, definitely! The Roaring Twenties look really suits you, what a fabulous outfit! Love the feather headress, and Barry adds a certain extra glamour to the look!
    So many great outfits, I would have been gawking too, but waiting 20 minutes to be served a drink is NOT good... xxxx

  2. No. a girl gets rather thirsty gawking and dancing and needs special hydration! There were sooo many amazing outfits - wish I had been able to snap everyone.

  3. Yesss!! Love it!! Look at those dancefloor moves!! We may have been caught doing the chicken dance (hehe no kidding!) We aren't very co-ordinated but it was a ton of fun!
    You looked fabulous!
    Trish x