Saturday, 22 June 2013

Help a lady out and buy some stuff!

 I am not sure about all of you, but I know that I am not a wealthy, mansion owning kind of gal.
As much as I wish I did, I do not have unlimited funds nor unlimited space to fill with my collections of frippery and furbelow's.
My current wardrobe situation is a crime against clothing with my lovelies hanging two, or even three to a hanger, crowded and suffocating in their dark little cell. I'm pretty sure I can hear them screaming and writhing in agony in the night.
The horror! Oh the horror!
So a purge had to happen.
And some of my pretties have to go to new homes with new mothers to love and care for them, and give them a whole new life.
(I'm not crying, I just have allergies.)
So if anyone is interested in adopting a lovely, please check out my ebay listings and click on the link.
Let me introduce you to.....
See how sad I am. Can't even crack a smile!
Not when I have to say farewell to this chocolate and pink pussy-bow number.
This frock is so fun and bright and cheerful!
Yes it is a maternity frock, but it is awesome and sooo comfortable.
The softest and most supple long leather jacket that ever was.
Super plush vintage faux fur.
Everyone needs a little black faux fur jacket.
The great thing about delving into the hidden corners of my wardrobe was I unearthed a couple of stunners that I just couldn't bear to part with.
Like this Pucci style print tunic top .
And this amazing home made frock of the prettiest blues and greens.
 But I am hoping that these forgotten beauties will eventually be able to hang comfortably in the wardrobe, not piggy backing on others or jostling with their neighbours.
Happy weekend!


  1. Good luck on your sales you have some really lovely things! I know what you mean about "letting go". But, hey out with old, in with the new "old" vintage:) My problem lately is getting things that don't fit and having to resell them:(

    1. Thanks! Am having some issues "letting go" (sniffle sniffle!) of things I love but I also need to clear out all of my non-fitting purchases. (I think I am smaller than I obviously am - ooops!)

  2. I hear ya! Trying to slowly do the same thing here too... So many gorgeous things, don't tempt me! (Thankfully the cost of postage is so heinous, I can be strong and resist!) Good luck with the selling. xxxx

    1. Thanks! I'm telling myself to have a good purge and then refrain from op shopping/charity shopping for a good while. I can do that can't!? Surely I can be strong!

  3. Oh dear - I have a constant in/out problem too and I have an entire second bedroom as my wardrobe! I especially love the pretty green maxi and the gorgeous last blue/green frock!

    Sarah xxx

    1. You are sooo lucky to have an extra wardrobe space. It is my dream. One day, one day! xxx