Friday, 3 May 2013

All I want for Christmas is a pygmy marmoset, and other tales from the Mogo Zoo.

I'm still laid low with a sinus infection and feeling very sorry for myself.
 (I'm like a demanding, whiny child when I'm sick - good times for all around me I'm sure!)
So why not  cheer myself up and play catch up on my final holiday snaps.
Whilst on holidays it was my sons 7th birthday and luckily we were told of an amazing zoo just a little road trip away in Mogo. And you know how excited I am by zoo's!
Whilst Mogo Zoo is fairly small compared to its big city counterparts, it is a lovely day out and visitors can interact with many of the animals with feeding sessions and are able to get up close and personal with lots of the zoo's beautiful beasts.
I could have spent all day being entertained by this little guy. He was a real daredevil with his death defying aerial manoeuvres.
Some of the cuties had me itching to give them a cuddle, like this adorable pygmy marmoset. Look at that little face! And I could have fit five in my hand bag (not that I had any thoughts of smuggling exotic animals out in my bag. None. OK, maybe I did).

Some of the animals were a lot cuddlier and sweeter than others.
And some I was happy viewing from afar.
We did have the opportunity to listen to an amazing talk about some of the beautiful white lions and watch them have a snack of chicken necks. Learning about the breeding program and the lions lifestyle was just fascinating. And watching them interact with the keeper, who obviously adored them was magical.
You really don't realise how HUGE they are until they are up close.
My daughter was however a bit disappointed that none of them roared and kept loudly asking during the presentation for them to say "Raaahhh" to her.
There were also some tears when she realised that she couldn't have a ride on the giraffes or zebras. Those zoo's can be such party poopers!
Feeding the deer was a much more appropriate activity for the kids and they loved the chance to pat those pretty faces.
OK, so I loved it too!
Something I probably didn't need to discover was that if any of the deer have untimely accidents or die of natural causes they are....ahem....."donated" to the lions. As the lions are so special the poor old dead deer become a vital part of their diet. So that just made me feed the deer more. Eat up and enjoy fellas whilst you can!
But I think the coolest part of Mogo zoo was Monkey Island.
Yes, some of the lucky primates had their own little island paradise.
And you could visit them in a little row boat!
This was as close as we got to Monkey Island though because there was some monkey unrest and domestic disputes going on and those monkeys were LOUD!
We all had a fantastic time and I think the zoo helped make my sons birthday a very special one that he won't soon forget.
Has anyone else ever been to Mogo Zoo?

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  1. Monkeys are fascinating! I could watch them for hours!