Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I'm back in the game!

Like a phoenix from the flames, I have risen!
Renewed and re energised after my lengthy bout of the flu/plague/leprosy, I finally did a full day of work on Monday, and so felt the need to celebrate my return to normality with a frenzy of op shopping on my day off on Tuesday.
I wore one of my remodelled dresses, a terribly sewn homemade vintage number that I love anyway. It has wonky seams and bits that don't quite match but it has such a vibrant pattern with bright orange, purple and green on black.
I had taken off the oddly ill fitting sleeves and added a little bow at the neck because every dress looks better with a bow in my opinion.
And doesn't my little green scottie dog brooch look adorable?
After living in my PJ's for the past two weeks it is amazing how much better a girl can feel all frocked up with a big ass victory roll in her hair and my war paint on!
My old friends, the lovely local charity shops, welcomed me with open arms, and I basked in their warm embrace and hunted and delved until I found......
Say what?
I'm worried I may have lost my oppy mojo. I even had sore arms from pawing through the racks and lugging armloads of clothes around. What have I become?
But fret not for I have formulated an intensive thrift shop work out program to increase my shopping stamina and build strength up again and I will hit those stores HARD and become a gold winner bargain huntress once more!


  1. Good to hear you feel better, you certainly look great! The frock is a beauty, you'd never know it was poorly made (and no one's looking that closely, are they?) The Scottie brooch is so sweet!
    I'm sure the op shopping gods will soon be smiling on you, the luck seems to come in waves, I find. xxx

    1. Am so glad to finally feel better, thanks! I suppose as long as I don't let anyone come to close that has reasonable eyesight I am OK in this dress, but gosh, the sewing is TERRIBLE! It is so true about op shop luck coming in waves, so I guess I just keep at it and ride that wave when it comes.

  2. LOL go hard working out at the op shops! Great looking dress - I love black backgrounds behind florals.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks! I always go hard at the op shops - no half hearted attempts for me! Go hard or go home I say.