Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pimp my cabinet.

Remember my little blue friend that I liberated from a Vinnies' charity shop.
So sad. So lonely. So blue.
Well, he has finally had a little makeover with a bit of paint to add some zing....
 and ta dah!
 Park your peepers on him now.
Let me tell you, I couldn't be happier. Or prouder.
I spent most a public holiday weekend pimping him out (and perhaps getting a bit high from the enamel paint fumes - damn that stuff is whack!)
Although the cabinet has flaws (yes little bug that has somehow become entombed in the surface  I'm talking to you!), but all of the imperfections give it charm and character. And I'd rather drink the paint than do more coats to fix any of the issues, so full of "character" it is.
And can I rave about the colour.
Oooohhhh, I jut adore it!
It is so energising; so fresh. It just pops like crazy against our newly painted white walls.
Now before you go thinking I'm a crack DIY'er with all my skill and expertise and many hours of prepping, cleaning and painting this bad boy, I did call a furniture spray company just to enquire about the price of spraying before I had tackled my lovely.
Are you sitting down?
They quoted almost $900 freaking dollars.
How crazy is that? (That's a whole lot of vintage frocks and hand bags let me tell you!)
So that makes me appreciate my lovingly hand painted turquoise cabinet even more - bugs, brush hairs, streaks and all!
I added some pretty glass handles because a girl has to have some bling and my husband put a new shelf in and drilled some holes in the back for all those messy cords.
And we finally have enough room to store our record collection!
I now have to pull my finger out and get started on the cool shelves I want to hang above my great new TV cabinet. When is the next long week end?
Has any one attempted any cool DIY projects lately?

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