Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bag lady

I have been experiencing a bit of a frock drought at my local op shops lately.
I did manage to unearth one of my wish list items though (no, unfortunately not the unicorn!) with this new to me purple cardie.
 I am loving this shade and pussy bow style with its 40's feel and am sooo happy with how many clothing items I can team it with.
My cherry print skirt has exactly the right purple shade and I can't even explain how happy that makes matchy-matchy me.
Despite the dress shortage, I am having a veritable deluge of other pretties.
I have been a bag lady from way back and can't seem to say no to a pretty bag.
I have absolutely no will power when it comes to chocolate or handbags and so have accumulated a few (Cough! Cough!) over the years.
They are everywhere in my house. In tubs. Under beds. On shelves.
I even have them hanging on walls as decor items.
Yes, behind that chair is an ever growing wall o' bags!
I think that they may even be breeding.(Yeah, that must be it. Every night there is a handbag orgy going on. It could happen.)
But I love having different bags for every outfit, mood or situation.
Recently my lovely mother-in-law gifted me not one but two amazing vintage bags from an antique fair she had attended.
She knows me and my addiction too well!
So sparkly! It would take a much stronger woman than I to resist a blinged up bag!
This one takes me back to my childhood and loving nothing better than raiding my Nana's wardrobe and playing dress - up. I used to covet a white bag of Nana's just like this one.
And so, being me, these two beauties weren't enough. I needed more! More!
I couldn't resist this wee lovely from eBay with its soft, soft leather and red clasp.
(I was a bit ticked off though that the seller failed to mention the rips in the lining. Hmmmm. Oh well, the old girl is a bit ragged but still so pretty.)

And how could I not bring home this sweet little cane number. I couldn't just leave it at the op shop all lonely and unloved!
So, it is pretty clear to me that as well as my capelet obsession I have a very serious hand bag addiction. Serious serious! Group therapy serious. Maybe even shock therapy serious!
Is there a support group for those loving handbags a little too much?
Would anyone else like to join?
(I have just had a rather comforting thought. It is not an addiction but a collection. That sounds better doesn't it. Oh lawd, that sort of denial is exactly what a true addict would say. I need help!)

 Oh look! There is me. With another handbag!!!


  1. Darling, I too am a Handbag Collector........it's nothing to be ashamed of!
    SQUEE! You have some beauties!!! I have a weakness for baskety ones, so that little cane one rocks my world.
    Ah, I do love me some matchy matchy, and that cardi is sweeeet! XXX

  2. Matchy-matchy is the best isn't it? Nothing like donning an ensemble where all the colours love each other. I too am loving my little cane number - it seems to go with everything!

  3. Definitely a collector, not an addict! You do have some gorgeous bags, the ones your MIL gave you are beautiful.
    Love the purple cardigan too, it looks great with that skirt. xxxx

    1. Thanks! Collector does sound better and I'm so glad others agree! I do love my bags and will have to post some of my others and share the handbag love. XXX

  4. There is no such thing as too many handbags! You are a sister-in-arms.

    1. Unite fellow bag ladies! I am fast learning that there are sooo many of us out there. Not happy with only one bag for every day we want LOTS and LOTS. And why not!