Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekend tales

Whew, what a weekend!
I've had the kind of weekend that needs a weekend to recover from.
On Friday night, the husband and I joined some friends to see British India, an amazing group of young Aussie punk rockers.
 (How rock star am I? Two Friday nights in a row seeing gigs. Next I will start wearing leather pants and having vodka in my cornflakes!)
I am not sure I can even express how fun and exhilarating the night was with the boys inciting rowdy shenanigans from the crowd of mostly young guys. The fans were moshing; lurching and playing pushy-shovey with each other until on many occasions it all went a bit far and just standing in the crowd turned scary. Thankfully I was not ploughed down in the waves of testosterone destruction  but I have some killer bruises from the night.
I tried to take some snaps but all I got were the shirts of the guys in front. I even tried to get my husband to take some from his much higher vantage point but he got a little over excited and decided to join in the moshing instead.
I wore an adorable Dangerfield dress from years ago that isn't exactly rock chic, but the colour is amazing and vibrant.
Awww, I coordinated with my husband. That's love!
And then instead of recovering on Saturday, nursing my poor head, throbbing feet and still ringing ears, I went out for a late breakie with my husband and then I took my Mum birthday shopping. It was a lovely afternoon of gossip, bonding and clothes, but lawd, it was exhausting!
Lots of tea and rests were required of course.
Sunday didn't turn out to be a day of rest either with the little fella's football match followed by a wonderful family lunch to celebrate my Mums birthday.
Happy 29th birthday Mum!
 (That's how old she tells us she is. But honestly, isn't she gorgeous?)
Somehow I was too busy talking to get any pics of my delicious food but I did take shots of my son enjoying his amazing cinnamon ice cream.
And then leaping and jumping, high on the ice cream sugar rush that inevitably followed.
Finally, there was more shopping as I tried to pull together a 1920's ensemble for the upcoming Gatsby inspired Winter Soiree.
Savers once again lived up to its name and saved me by providing a very cheap  but gorgeous dress and chiffon jacket that I think I can fashion to be 20's(ish) - but more of that exciting event to follow!
I don't think this old girl could survive too many more of these fast paced weekends and I vow to have a nice quiet week to recharge the batteries.
Now, if only work and children could oblige!
What have you been up to this weekend?


  1. Thanks - there is just something about a red dress....

  2. You look gorgeous! Never stop seeing live music!!

    Sarah xxx

    1. I wont! Despite bodily harm I will continue to rock on!

  3. Beautiful dress, that first pic is stunning.
    It sounds like a full-on weekend but so much fun - you have to make the most of what comes your way, even if you end up knackered!
    And yes, your mum, and your kids, are gorgeous. Oh and hubby too, can't forget him! xxx

  4. Wooh I'm exhausted just reading that!! Sounds fun! You look smashing in that red dress.. Sounds like a dangerous event... DANGERFIELD by name and nature!
    Your Mum is gorgeous. And the kids!

    1. Thanks! I think my Mum and kids are gorgeous too -but I may be a bit biased!