Tuesday, 21 May 2013

From grey to blue.

The grey skies above dictated my outfit choice this morning.
Grey spotted skirt, grey tights and a grey woollen coat.
How drab and dreary!
I did try and spruce myself up with some bright lippy but I think it was a losing battle.
I was very happy to have on my grey 1970's coat I'd scored from my local Vinnies last year for a tenner because it was bloody cold outside in the morning.
Soooo warm and in excellent condition, it is  a Los Angeles of Melbourne.
But, you know, just a bit drab and lacking in....drama, so I added an enormous fluffy faux fur collar that I adopted from a Savers and have named Barry.
Snug huh? Barry does attract a bit of attention though. There were a few side glances at his plushness.
I went for a stroll and a saunter with Barry and my best girlfriend, Little Miss, and may have snuck in a little shopping, before it was absolutely necessary to relax with a babycino and chai latte.
How fab is her jacket! It may be made of Barry's cousin.
Barry and the jacket had to go by lunchtime because the sky had cleared and the day warmed beautifully with blue skies as far as the eyes could see.
So my drab grey outfit was quickly shelved so the kids, the dog and I could romp and rove in the stunning afternoon.
I hope everyone has a great day and may your day be filled with blue skies!


  1. Oh I don't think you look remotely drab - chic and elegant and gorgeous, I'd say! Barry certainly adds a certain glamour though, he's very strokable! xxx

    1. Thanks! Barry is pretty glam and it is difficult to not keep touching him and rubbing him on my face. Soooo soft. XXX