Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tales from the sick-bed.

You can forget any fancy frocks today as I'm favouring plague-victim chic at the moment and am still suffering from my virus/infection/leprosy illness.
My doctor has prescribed bed, and some heavy duty antibiotics and I am self medicating with hot tea, macaroons and the series 1,2 and 3 of the always hysterical "IT Crowd".
Take one every three hours!
As revolting as I imagine inside of me looks at present (don't get me started on what I coughed up this morning!) I'm pretty sure my outsides are more disgusting. Weird dry flaky patches of skin have decided to adorn my face and body and my skin has a delightful pale waxy pallor.
image found here
I'm pretty sure this is how I look at the moment.
Fetching huh?
To cheer myself up I am including the cutest sloth video EVER, because nothing makes a person feel better than an adorable sloth aggressively cuddling a cat. Nothing.

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