Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A vintage frock and newly arrived goodies!

I spent yesterday doing a bit of this and that.
The weather was beautiful and sunny, and the op shops were calling my name with their beguiling siren song.
I was hunting down a few items from my "stuff to look out for". I always have a long list of beauties I'm on the hunt for and at the moment it is a purple cardigan, black belt, a vintage crystal bowl to keep hair accessories in, a candy pink hand bag, a taxidermied three toed tree sloth, and if I am particularly lucky, a mauve unicorn with a rainbow hued horn.
The list tends to get a bit more obscure as it goes on, but I am happiest when I am on the hunt, tracking down unnecessary necessities. 
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, as I really don't think we have the room for a unicorn at the moment), I didn't find anything on my list, but I did discover some cool old records.
I wore my recently remodelled  "Alcorso" vintage frock and am just loving the amazing black and white geometric pattern and beautiful orange and red roses.
I think it was the pussy bow at the neck that really  won me over though.
(Tee hee hee - pussy bow!)
I teamed my dress with my new to me vintage red capelet that was a recent etsy purchase.
And the best accessory in the world, Little Miss.
She just loves photo bombing my outfit shots!
These bad boys arrived in the mail last week from an eBay purchase and I was sooo excited to see that they are the "Graceland" brand, just like my op shopped green t-bars.
Isn't it wonderful when you fall in love with something on line, purchase it and find that when it arrives it is even better than anticipated!
I love having little friends for my new items. Now both Graceland lovelies can happily snuggle in my wardrobe and catch up on all the important shoe gossip.
And now I write this from my bed (yes, I haven taken to my bed) as I have finally caught the awful lurgy that has been doing the rounds in my wee clan. My body had fought so valiantly (I like to imagine a little Wonder Woman zapping at all the bugs inside me) but alas the flu now has me in its snotty, achy, broken glass in my throat grasp.
And now I think a nanna nap awaits.

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