Saturday, 18 May 2013

The best laid plans....

 I'm a planner.
I like to make lists.
I like to be organised.
Yeah, I'm boring!
When I have an event to attend, be it a concert, dinner, drinks or a party, I have to meticulously plan in advance what I will wear. Not just the frock mind you, I have to have the whole ensemble with matching hair accessories, jewellery and underwear all pre organised. (OCD much?)
There is no throwing on any old thing at the last minute for me.
I am definitely NOT one of those lovely laid back free spirits that picks their frock dependent on their mood. Nuh huh, that just isn't me.
I had planned on wearing this amazing 70's doing 40's dress to the Tenacious D gig I went to on Friday night.
 I had found this fancy little number in a Salvo's for a measly $5.99 ages ago, but due to some modesty issues (it is very sheer!) and me not having an adequate slip I have  never worn it.
 I  bought a slip and tried the dress on with different belts, different accessories, different shoes and had finally decided on the perfect ensemble only to pop it on in the mad crazy rush that was Friday night when all my planning went awry and I suffered a wardrobe disaster.
The zipper broke! Aarrgghh!
Of course my husband had been toe tapping, grumbling under his breath and looking at his watch for a while by that time, so there was no time for repairs and I had to (gulp!) throw on another unplanned dress. Aarrgghh! Aarrgghh!
Oh well, despite clothing mishaps the night was brilliant and Tenacious D were totally entertaining and hysterical and awesome!
I do love this dress though with its 70's imitating 40's design, ruched shoulders, sweet little peplum and floaty skirt.
And it has such a cute little "donut" pattern in bright yellow, blue and pink which really pops against the black background.

  I was even going to team the dress with a great faux fur collar to make myself feel like a 40's screen siren.
Now I just need to repair the zipper and plan another night on the tiles for my little frock!
Has any one else had any disastrous wardrobe malfunctions?


  1. Oh yes, I love that dress too, right up my street.
    What a shame about the zip and having to change your plans at the last minute...
    I often find that outfits I have planned and which look great in my head, don't work as well in reality as the happy accidents of the hurried and spontaneous combinations. Weird that...
    I am always having malfunctions - hems on maxis falling down and then catching my heels in them is a common mishap. So is static cling/riding up, although wearing vintage slips/petticoats have sorted that issue nicely. Recently I've had tights slippage, a terrible and potentially embarrassing affliction! xxx

    1. Am having a chuckle as I write because just this morning I have had a terrible case of tight slippage and felt like I was forever hoiking at my crotch. So ladylike! XXX

  2. the zipper broke. i know this feeling. i suppose every vintage loving person can tell their story about broken dresses.
    this dress is beautiful. the 40s like details are so lovely!

    1. Seems like it is a common problem - I guess we are lucky it doesn't happen more often considering the age of our frocks. But why oh why does it always happen at the worst time?

  3. You were at Tenacious D?! So were we!
    That was my last night in Melbourne, and it was a GREAT gig, wasn't it?!
    Ugh, wardrobe malfunctions make me have tanties! I'm usually very organised, and am also a list maker....but sometimes I like to push myself and see how I get on if I don't....!!!