Thursday, 23 May 2013

Green and pink and little pleasures.

I love green.
I love green and pink together even more.
That's why I adore this skirt with its great shades of green and pink on black.
 I think I have had it since I was about twenty two. Of course it used to  sit on my hips back then but at least I can still fit into it.
Despite its antiquity it is a favourite and the pattern just feels so fresh and pretty.
Now what I don't love is big zits and terribly dirty hair, both of which I featured today, so I kinda needed the pick me up of pink and green together to get me through the day.
I popped in to Savers in between all the other errands I had to do today and although I didn't find anything I did have a lovely experience.
One of the great ladies that work there was kind enough to give me a compliment on my outfit and said "I see you come in and I always think you look so lovely" and whilst I walked in feeling self conscious and grotty she totally made me walk away feeling fantastic.
Isn't it amazing how a smile, a cheerful word or a compliment from someone you don't even know can really help some days.

I tried to hide the dirty 'do with a beautiful vintage scarf in range of pinks.
Besides lovely compliments, today has been a day of little pleasures and enjoying vanilla chai lattes (why has it taken me to get on the chai bandwagon?), the novelty of being able to wear my cardigans, tights and coats and watching the fantastic Aussie series, Wentworth.
Image found here
If you are able to, watch it. It is really good. Really bloody good!
 I didn't want to like it because I LOVED the old Prisoner and grew up watching Queen Bea, Doreen, Lizzy and Vinegar Tits as a young girl. I still watch the reruns on Foxtel.
It was a little disconcerting to see the new actors playing the old characters in a thoroughly modern setting, but this new show is full of drama, and powerful performances and has totally sucked me in.
I love a day full of little pleasures!
What are your little pleasures?


  1. Yes, a compliment out of the blue is always lovely - I tell people if they look fab, I know how nice it feels!
    Love the green/pink/black combination, can't see any spots or dirty hair from here, you look great! xxxx

  2. Thanks! Pretty scarves hide a multitude of sins. Isn't it funny, I love to give compliments to people but I never know how to take a compliment. I probably seem really weird as I stutter "oh, thanks" and scuttle away. But I do love a random compliment.

  3. Love the head scarf and the pretty cardi and shoes! Thanks for the heads up re Wentworth - I was a Prisoner fan back in the day. On the insiiide the suuuuun still shiiiiines...

    Sarah xxx

  4. Thanks! Treat yourself, watch Wentworth - it is ace! (And on this new show the sets don't wobble and the prison uniforms are a bit better. But the original Prisoner hairstyles were heaps better!)