Saturday, 2 March 2013

Dangerous delights

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I've had some terrible experiences in the kitchen lately.
No, I'm not talking about face flambe or a spider in my sandwich. It's worse.
All the recipes I have been trying lately have bloody well worked!
What are the odds huh?
It is really unfair that I really enjoy cooking and I really enjoy eating because when I cook something amazing I have to eat it. Not just eat it, but EAT IT! Lots of it. Lots and lots and lots. You get the picture.
It's like I am my own enabler with the chef part of me whispering seductively as I hold out a plate of cake, "C'mon babe, look at this delicious cake I baked just for you. Mmmmmm, how good does that smell? Just a taste babe, you know you wanna."
And then the other part of me, the food  addict, takes one little look at all that baked goodness and says, "It would be so rude of me not to eat the cake because you have gone to so much trouble. Just a little taste." Then I gobble the entire thing up in a frenzy of crumbs and guilt and shame.
So I have been baking up a storm, trying some new recipes and unfortunately, (for my arse and hips and thighs) they have all succeeded.
Here's a peak at some of the dangerous delights I have been whipping up of late.
I made this one up myself. I threw together come boiled red quinoa, baby spinach leaves, roasted sweet potatoe, rocket, beetroot and feta. So delicious. So healthy. So unlike all the delights to come.
Gluten free almond and coconut cake with raspberries. This was a recipe I found here.
I'm playing around with a lot of gluten free recipes and foods at the moment because I'm finding that wheat and gluten are not my friends (I love you but I hate you bread!)
This cake was delicious, moist, crumbly and with such a great almond flavour.
I did cave in and use real butter because that's the kind of risk taking girl I am.

Look at those little dumplings of delight! Damn they were fantastic! These were another made it myself recipe with chicken mince, lots of grated veg and hoi sin sauce going into them. They would probably be quite healthy if I hadn't deep fried them.
I am salivating just looking at this bad boy. I found this recipe for Portuguese Custard Tarts in the Melbourne's Herald Sun ages ago and can't find it to link to. Despite the fact that the frozen pastry was old and weird they still turned out to be AMAZING. I would love to swim in a vat of this custard, it is that good.
I'm off for a walk now to try and take my mind off a really great recipe I just found for a chocolate, banana and peanut butter smoothie.
I can't make it. I just can't.
Because knowing my luck it would work, it would be delicious and I will never be able to stop making them.
Have you had any kitchen successes lately? Or disasters?

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