Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sweltering in skirts.

There has been a crazy stretch of hot weather in Melbourne lately.
Oh I know how that sounds. Bitch. Moan. Boo hoo. So much lovely hot weather and blue skies.
 How terrible!
And to rub it in even further we are having all this ridiculously hot weather during a long weekend so we have an extra day to swelter and melt. Poor us. What a hard life.
It has been over 30 degrees for, it seems, like an eternity and my summer wardrobe is feeling old and tired. Done. Dresses are on repeat. It is all "been there, done that."
My fall back outfit for the very hot days is a singlet top and vintage skirt combination so the new to me skirts I scored in the Mornington op shops recently have been very welcome and have quickly been put into rotation.

Remember these guys.
The green skirt is a heavy linen type fabric (very precise aren't I) which I paired with a black and white striped singlet.
The weight of the fabric means it is great on those hot blustery days because it doesn't expose my knickers to the world.
My only issue with it is the length because I feel a bit matronly in it, so a little trip into the sewing room for a shortening is in order.
Possibly the best thing about this outfit is the fact that I'd moped a bit because I didn't have a green necklace to match, and you know how matchy-matchy I like to be. I'd stopped in at the tip shop (sorry, recycling resource centre) and then a quick look see at an oppy, and lo and behold a gorgeous green necklace in exactly the right shade was there to greet me.
For $2.99!
Just another example of the op shop gods smiling upon me!
The green necklace wasn't the only great score for that day.
Look at these amazing records. Am I the only person to buy records because of the covers?
This one has some great songs on it and I adore the groovy cover.
This one I bought simply because the cover  is hysterical. What a family. Can you imagine them all rocking out with their piano accordions at Xmas and poor old Bev (I'm calling her Bev because she looks like a Bev) the black sheep of the family being told to sit in the corner at the piano because she couldn't handle the cracking pace of the jam.
My other Mornington skirt is this flirty, floral, swirly number. This one is a full circle skirt with a western vibe. I teamed it with high wedges, a simple black singlet top and purple accessories.
The skirt is so light and airy in the heat, but is devastating for my modesty, as it was constantly blowing up around my ears and showing off my "old lady" spanx type undies.
Sexy image, huh?
Now I'm off to hunker down underneath the cooling vents and watch a Tim Burton marathon.
 I even think a  vodka may be necessary. What am I saying?
A vodka is always necessary!


  1. O,I totally love buying cheesey album covers!! Who cares about the vinyl, especially when Bev (for you are correct, she's a Bev allright) is gracing the cover! My G loathes squeezeboxes!
    Hello pretty lady! Thanks for popping by and commenting, you look like a fun gal! The moustache tells me that, and MORE! I have the same one, actually. I keep it in my purse, cos you never know when you might need it!
    That purply skirt is SWOONALICIOUS!

    1. I have a secret soft spot for the old squeeze box
      (apologies to your G)as my husbands pop is the most awesome player I have ever heard. That old fella can rock out a ripping version of "Blue Danube" like no-ones business!
      Thanks for the comments. I too think my purple skirt is swoonalicious, particularly when it is showing off my unmentionables for the world to gawk at.
      I look forward to reading more of your exploits!