Friday, 29 March 2013

We all need a little 80's in our life.

I wish I had the courage to show you a photo of me from the 80's.
But I don't.
Rest assured that, for a very young girl, there was an abundance of neon lycra, masses of leg-warmers, uncountable terrible hair-do's, many of them featuring BIG hair (I was so cool I was allowed a perm when I was 12!) and heaps of ill fitting matching skirt and jumper combo's made of polar fleece. Uuuugggghhh!!
But you know what? Not everything from the 80's was so hideous.
Hits of the 80's will always have me busting out some Molly Ringwald-esque moves on the dance floor. Always.
And how amazing is this early 1980's cotton dress I found op shopping not long ago.
Is it leopard print? Is it floral?
Yeah, its both!
I added the peter pan collar because I thought a bit of "school girl" was another style to throw in the crazy mix.
It is just such a fun print with bright pink, blue and a splash of yellow .
And it feels so lovely and comfortable on, light and breezy and perfect for the  beautiful Autumn weather we have had lately.
(That's me enjoying a little bridge action in the sun. Don't tell me that you don't like hanging out on bridges squinting into the distance.)
Anyhoo, I am up to my armpits in frock mending and altering so I must fly.
I will show off all my freshly hemmed and finished frocks soon.


  1. You are gorgeous, and it's a totally fabularse frock!! I think i have made my peace with the 80's, I am finding more to like about the era, whereas I used to completely dismiss it as a fashion disaster!! I was into New Wave and Goth through through most of it, thankfully! The 50's stylings, like this frock, were divoon, and who doesn't love Molly Ringwald?! Pretty in Pink =heaven! XXX

    1. I was a goth in the 90's so I got to be neon bright in the 80's. And you are so right - Molly is a goddess, who doesn't love her. I loved her so much I was even considering going to see her sing. Apparently she is now a jazz type singer and is touring! I can never decide though if I love Pretty in Pink or The Breakfast Club more though. Bugger it, they are both brilliant!

  2. I was a perm girl, too! :) I love this dress; I do enjoy how the 80's borrowed the 50's shape and exaggerated. The colors are fab, and you look beautiful! Glad to find your blog! :D

    1. Hi Sara! I thought I wanted to forget the 80's, but I'm really coming to love some of the fashions I am finding. (You won't ever see me in day-glo yellow though!). You are so right about the 50's inspired 80's styles, and I am loving the fun attitude and bright colours of the 80's fashions. Thanks for stopping by!