Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pink to make the boys wink.

I always forget how much I love pink, and recently have been drawn to sweet lolly shades of the colour.
So when I unearthed this "Jenny Price" vintage beauty  from my local Savers, I fell in pink heaven love with the frocks hue but wasn't sure about the cut on me and a little concerned about the odd stains.
 (No, not Monica type stains - get your minds out of the gutter people!)
For a fiver I thought it was worth the risk, and after a long soak in Nappy San the brown stains (please let them have just been chocolate) are no more.
A little tweaking from Nance my sewing machine and the dress isn't so sack-like.
As you can see though, the tweaking didn't include an iron of the hem. Grrrrr, I hate ironing!
I adore the square neckline. It's not something I'd normally wear, but the sweet little knotted fabric buttons and side fastening won me over.
How beautiful is that colour?
So vibrant and vivid, with a design like a demented child has been at it with some blue, brown and white paint.
I feel like I need some bright blue tights and raspberry pink heels to complete the look.
Now, if only I could stop thinking of fairy floss, vanilla ice and raspberry gelato every time I look at the dress!


  1. Ooooooo, that's THE perfect shade of pink!!! Such a scrummy frock and a great score, lovey!
    Ha, I hate ironing too, but don't mind when I am sewing, for some stupid reason.
    I'd quite forgotten about the Monica debacle, so I am having a well earned snigger! X

    1. Poor old Monica - what a terrible thing to always be remebered for! I don't know whats happening to me at the moment. I'm finding great dresses for great prices but ALL of them have great big bloody stains on them.
      I love this pink one though, and just have to find some lovely bright tights (a la Helga!)to really make the outfit sing!