Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Grey skies and a grey dress.

It has cooled down in Melbourne thankfully with the last couple of days bringing rain and grey skies. That's not normally a reason for rejoicing but a reprieve from the relentless heat and muggy, sticky sleepless nights is VERY welcome.
So to celebrate the cooler weather I donned a cardigan, my ruby red hair flowers and did what I do best; op shop!
I wore a great 60's homemade dress that I found in an op shop ages ago for a measly $4.99. The low price may have been due to a rather unfortunate odour issue.
 Phew did it pong !
A trip to the dry cleaners fixed the stink and now I can wear the frock and not fear that people think I may live in a dumpster.
The dress is grey and white striped on top and a lovely dove grey skirt and has a cute little bow at the neck.
I also op shopped my red cardigan with the greatest cable detail.
Actually I'm pretty sure I op shopped everything I had on today except my  unmentionables and hair flowers which I made myself.
And don't I look smug!
I hit Mornington today, which is a beautiful seaside area, but unfortunately it wasn't bursting with goodies . I did walk away with a couple of vintage skirts and another black cardigan. (I have lost count of how many little black cardigans I now own. I'm scared to count because there are probably enough to warrant their own wardrobe) and even a pair of roller skates for my little lady.
I was actually pretty shocked by some of the ridiculous prices in some of the charity shops today. $230 for an vintage fur stole and $700 for a guitar. C'mon people, you're not David Jones!
Can I just tell you how much  I've been missing all my Nana cardy's during summer.
There is nothing more comforting than a cuddly woollen cardigan.

I'm off to be a domestic goddess in the kitchen and am making a delicious quinoa, sweet potatoe, baby spinach and beetroot salad topped with feta.
I have made it before and it is freaking fabulous.

Before I go, let me share a snap of the little lady from the other day.
She was having some issues with her hair on the trampoline.
 Maybe I will have to try her technique to get volume on my flat hair days!


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