Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lions and tigers and bears. (Oh my!)

After a horrendously busy week at work (grrrrrrr) and feeling tired and cranky, I thought a day out was in order for my kids and I. So on Saturday off we traipsed to the Melbourne Zoo.
(You can't see me but I'm bouncing in my chair and yelling in my excitement!)
The zoo unleashes my inner child, and I run from exhibit to exhibit, squealing at each new discovery and looking in awe at the amazing world of these exotic (and not so) creatures.
I couldn't drag myself from voyeuristicly (that is now a word) watching the apes.
There was a younger ape that was obviously in the bad books with the others. God only knows what heinous ape crime he had committed (because throwing your own poo at others is pretty normal I hear), because the others kept avoiding him like he had ape herpes. He'd amble over, all "Hey Sheryl, whats up?" and then Sheryl ape wouldn't make eye contact and with her head down shuffled off muttering, "So yeah, I just gotta, um, do stuff over here, like..... wash my pelt, so......"
And every time he'd approach another ape it would happen again. Poor guy.
The Melbourne Zoo grounds are so incredibly stimulating yet so relaxing at the same time. Invigorating and serene all at once. I found the meander through many of the wild tropical forest areas the perfect tonic to my busy week.
Of course my kids had a blast. When they weren't running, climbing, hiding, bouncing (they never just walk!) they were enthralled by the game of "spot the animal" and then read about the creature.
We were all enraptured by the exploits of the elephant family, and loved how they were so affectionate towards each other, nudging (cuddling) and holding trunks (kissing). The baby elephant was even being a cheeky little bugger, standing on his hind legs at the back of his mum and blowing sand on her rear. Bloody children!
Some of us got very up close and personal with the reptiles.
Some of us got very up close and personal with wooden animals.
And animals from days gone by.

I hear that the butterfly house was lovely, but I think you must be a raving loony to want to go into that horror filled cage infested with those disgusting flappy creatures. Eeeuuuggghhhh!!
I loathe and despise moths with their awful dustiness and butterflies are just glammed up moths.
You cant fool me and tell me that if they got the chance those revolting little blighters wouldn't be at my jugular in a flash.
(I may have issues with butterflies. Just saying)
Of course I only got one photo of all of us together (so I cant show off the cutest gingham Dangerfield skirt), but I manged to capture every other feathered, furry or scaly beastie in photos so I'm pretty happy that as well as amazing memories we will also have some cool pics of our wonderful day at the zoo.
Has any one else been to the zoo lately?

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  1. LOVE your skirt, darling!
    I haven't been to a zoo in years! I always run to the otters and lizards, they're my faves!
    It makes for a great family day out,that's for sure! XXX