Saturday, 16 March 2013

That was then. This is now.

Today's weather has been pure Melbourne.
Raining one minute, sunny the next. Humid one minute, windy and chilly the next. Crazy!
Despite the weather not being able to gets it's shit together I spent a lovely day shopping on Brunswick Street, hitting the Fitzroy Market (sooo many cool  vintage dresses!) and lunching with my little bro, mum and my little lady.
I found an amazing 50's black and white dress, but alas, it was too big and will have to sold off and
re-homed. Ho hum.
Whilst today I have been revelling in wearing a cardigan and tights (yahoo, at last!) it was only last week that we were trapped in a stinking hot sweat-fest.
Last Monday my little clan made the most of the heat and public holiday and hit the Chelsea beach after a leisurely breakfast at a little cafe.
We swam, splashed in the waves and soaked up the rays. We chased some seagulls and built (and trashed!) some sand castles. We got sand in all manner of nooks and crannies.
I am a real sookie-la-la when it comes to swimming at the beach and have issues with "things" touching me in the water.
Floating seaweed becomes a huge, ferocious, woman eating shark.
Drift wood morphs into toe munching crabs.
Those strange crescent shaped jelly fish become......well, just those strange crescent shaped jelly fish.
Those things are weird enough to gross me out.
But we are blessed with beaches where the water is crystal clear and the sand so clean it squeaks.

So as I listen to rain now, I can remember that perfect day at the beach.
Ahhh Melbourne! You are tempermental and fickle, but I wouldn't live anywhere else!

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  1. I can't bear things touching me in the water either!! I won't go in if seaweed is lurking, bleurgh!!!!
    It's rainy and Autumnal here, but our weather is really changeable usually too. Small island and all that! XXX