Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Going to the chapel....

I'm off to a wedding in April.
Let me just tell you that I adore weddings. Couples I don't even know getting married send me searching for a hanky with a terrible case of the snivels.
Weddings are just so full of magic. Oh, the romance! The beauty! The jewels! The frocks!
A girl can truly be a princess (or a diva -yeah, I've seen Bridezilla's) on her wedding day and her wildest dreams can become  reality.
You want to say "I do" in a hot air balloon a gazillion feet in the air? Sure can!
You want to exchange vows underwater in a shark tank? But of course!
You want to enter into matrimonial bliss whilst dressed as Shrek and Fiona as you both drive ride on lawn mowers pulling trailers full of midgets in Elvis costumes? Easy peasy!
I had so many crazy ( I really mean awesome) ideas for my wedding to make it unique.
I'd has this grand plan of walking through a cavalcade of fire breathing circus performers, but alas, some dreams must remain just that. (Damn mothers and their common sense about wedding dresses and fancy hair do's being highly flammable.)
Any hoo, I'm attempting to plan my ensemble for the upcoming nuptials in April and there are sooo many divine dresses parading themselves on Etsy but my bastard bank balance has put a stop to the idea of a new frock.
Let me dream just a moment.
Don't buy this dress from here because I want it soooo bad and if someone etsy buys it I may have to kill them for it. You have been warned!
This frock from here is so sweet it is making my teeth hurt.
So, it appears that a reworking of a dress  I already have may be in order, and you know, what? Sometimes that is more fun anyway. Giving a well loved favourite a breath of fresh air with different accessories and a fun twist can be just as great as adorning yourself in a stunning new beauty.
Yeahhhhh. I'm not really convincing myself either.
Thinking of weddings prompted me to dig out this amazing ladies magazine, "Woman", from March 1953. It features a wedding special.
I have had this since I was about 15. Back then I was sporting a full goth look and attitude and sneered at the frothy white wedding concoctions, but now my look and sensibilities have changed drastically and I now adore the stunning frocks featured.
The illustrations and fashions are just swooningly (yep, that's now a word) beautiful.
And the ads are fantastic. I'd have bought one of everything they are trying to sell just because the ads are so great.
I think that the agony aunt section, 'Ask Dorothy Dix" would have to be my favourite though.
Dorothy doesn't beat around the bush and has a tough love, hard hitting Judge Judy type attitude.
You can see one of Dorothys' responses above "Spoilt daughter" in which she admonishes the writer, "You sound like a thoroughly foolish, headstrong girl, too much indulged by parents and friends"
Whew, don't hold back Dorothy!
I'm so glad I didn't rip up the magazine and plaster the pictures on my school folder as I had planned.
It is such a treasure!

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