Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wanna play Eye Spy? - The story of Angelique

Have you ever experienced that moment when your eyes glance across a crowded room and alight upon a creature that makes your breath catch and your heart pound? A moment when suddenly you believe in karma, fate, providence, serendipity, God!
I had that moment a little while ago.
I still can't believe that it happened. I'm still reeling; still in shock; still trying to calm the mayhem of my senses.
Let me introduce you to the object of my amour. My new love -a dress I have christened, Angelique!
(Sorry to my lovely husband, but I think he understands. Its a wonderful man that tolerates the special kind of love that can blossom between a girl and her frock.)
Isn't she divine?
There is a great store near me that stocks a lovely collection of vintage as well as new duds called Eye Spy Clothing in Frankston. I'd gone to try on a couple of 50's skirts, but alas they had already gone to live elsewhere. Thankfully my grief was very short lived because I discovered not one but two vintage stunners!
Wearing this dress makes me feel like a 1950's film siren, so I thought it fitting that I try out my most dramatic poses.
I could go on and on about the amazing design of this dress with its nipped in waist, double breasted button detail and the most fabulous collar I have ever seen.
The  blue-grey fabric is a weighty cotton that almost feels like a silk with a bird like pattern in bold black strokes
What captured my heart most is the construction. No over locking in sight, the seams have been finished with a teeny tiny hem.
I have searched for the manufacturer, Trevola, and whilst I haven't found much, have learnt that the company was Melbourne based from the 40's to the 60's. I would love to learn more so if anyone has any info on the company please let me know.
I haven't had an opportunity to hit the town with Angelique but I'm sure I will find some excuse to frock up soon and dance the night away. And I'm imagining a full crinolin petticoat and long black gloves to complete the look.
Melbourne, look out!

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