Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Knit, knit, knit.

We have had a couple of cooler days here in Melbourne after some real scorchers.
I even had two fires in scrubland waaaay too close to my home for comfort recently.
The cooler weather has wet my appetite and I have been dreaming of the cooler months. Not freezing cold mind you, just cool enough to be able to pop on a little capelet (yes I am obsessed with capelets at the moment) or cardigan and not feel like I have had a bucket of warm water thrown on me. Ahhh perspiration, such a lovely topic of discussion. A wise lady once told me that ladies don't sweat , they glow. The lady may have been very wise but I'm pretty sure I sweat bullets!
When I unearthed this darling little vintage knit in a charity shop recently I instantly wanted more dinky knitwear, and the opportunity to wear them. (Strangely enough when I saw this top I also began to crave fruit. Isn't it the juiciest watermelon pink colour you have ever seen?)
Knit top - $3.50 - Charity shop
Black skirt - Dangerfield
Black hair bow (worn at throat) - Pumpkin Patch
I remembered that in my stash I had some amazing vintage knitting patterns which I had bought  despite the fact that I'd have more chance of flying an aeroplane than being able to follow a knitting pattern. Knitting is on my list of goals for 2013 and I really admire and totally envy amazing bloggers like the girls from Vintage Vixen, Casey's Elegant Musings and By Gum, By Golly, that can click clack their way through a fab cardigan or vintage jumper. I vow to become part of their woollen sisterhood before long! As God as my witness and all that.
There are so many divine little numbers in these booklets that take my fancy.
You can never have too many angora bolero's can you.
Look at that detail on the shoulder and how I love her scarf.
Look at her, just chewing on some wheat looking adorable!
I've realised that I have an obsession with knits with collars. And puffy sleeves.
Yep you guessed it. Another knit with a collar. But look at how cute the scalloping is on the collar. I think this cardigan would become a wardrobe staple very quickly.
Get the freak out! How amazing is this dress. It's a red knitted dress people.
With a collar! Am I the only one to swoon over this?
So I am really going to pull my finger out, buckle down, pull my socks up and all those metaphors and begin honing my knitting skills before Autumn comes. I do work in aged care so I don't have a shortage of beautiful ladies of the blue rinse set to teach me.
If that fails I may even have to beg my wonderful mother-in-law to knit one for me.
It is my birthday in April and wouldn't a little cardigan with a scalloped collar be the perfect present!

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